Monday, 31 January 2011


Well there's just 3 weeks to go until I have to have my work in for this Sustainability project. Stress, stress, stress. But, I'm confident that it will go well and I'll have something by the end of it.
On relating to the subject of recycling and sustainability I thought I'd share a couple of clever little ways to help with certain things.

Firstly there is this little origami, newspaper seed box from Sculpted Light.

I Think this idea is wonderful. I'd found a small tutorial about rolling paper up and putting it in an egg box but this is even better, it leaves out the egg box and think about how many seedlings you could have growing with the amount of news papers we purchase or receive free throughout the week. Also, it would save a fortune on buying the little pots for seeds to germinate in.

Going along the origami route in a sense again there's something I've come across recently called Furoshiki folding.

The Japanese really do amaze me in the way they think of a brilliant idea BUT also make it look pretty at the same time. It saves having to use that extra plastic bag from the supermarket and comes in handy if you ever have too many things to carry. And it's much nicer carrying around a decorative piece of fabric on you than a horrible branded supermarket reusable bag, not to mention looking a site more appealing.

These were just a couple of things that I came across but I'm sure there's many more clever and good looking ideas for recycling and using less. If you know of any more really interesting ones, please, tell me, I'd love to know!

How do you help to waste less?


  1. what is your project?

    my favorite is making envelopes out of magazine pages.

  2. We had a man come in to our college from the council and told us that our Unit project would be based on 'Sustainability - your world in your hands' and we had to portray this in any way we felt would be appropriate.
    There were a few subjects that stodd out for me; Oil spills, Tree lopping, Water usage - Generally quite a natural based theme concerning nature and our impact. Through some research I've done for the past few weeks where I've looked at oil spills and covered tree lopping I sort of changed slightly about what we put into the group and how we dispose of our waste. So I'm going to do a long canvas of layers of earth going down to the molten core - one being produced wit printing techniques ( my prefered method after trying everything is Collograph) and one with textiles, sewing layers and pieces onto some calico (or another base material, I need to finalise that)

    Sorry for the lengthyness of it, it was the only way I could explain hehe ♥

  3. wow, that sounds really cool. I hope it goes well, and do take pictures. :)


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