Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Hiya, I'm Holly.
+ Yes, I was born near Christmas, interestingly 12 days before Christmas. 
I'm 20 and enjoy art, good reading, computers, gaming and many things that really do conflict in such a person but join harmoniously in myself. 
+ I like cats, *love cats. They're wonderfully intellectual creatures and I enjoy their company perhaps more than another human beings.
+ My blog is about various things that intrigue me, happenings for my (what I believe to be) boring life, in the hopes that someone may gain some enlightenment from it and learn from my mistakes, achievements, woes and joys. 

+ I'm British, English. I'm at college studying an Art and Design Diploma and I have no idea where I will take it after I'm done.
+ I hope to own a small shop one day, selling local artists works and crafts for fair profits and to show people what their locals are making for them.
+ I can be contacted, commented, emailed through my blog, on my posts, on my twitter.

+ I'm looking for a/some pen pal(s) or traders who would like to send things through snail mail. If you would like to, just send me a message saying hi so I know you're not a creep, hehe.

+ Also, if you have any interesting topics I should look into and blog about, please, tell me, I'd love to find out. I'm forever on stumble upon going through sites and reading about strange and spectacular things most days :)

Anyway, I hope that a good about me, if it's not, never mind. I'm sure I'll do better next time :)

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