Sunday, 2 January 2011

What do you Resolve to do?


I really don't like the word. Why do we need to wait for a new year to start doing something?
Putting that aside we are into a special year, it is the start of a new decade, we have successfully lived through 10 years of the 2000's! Isn't that a lovely thought? Although we're all apparently going to "die", "Have an Apocalypse", "See new beginnings", "experiences a change of calender" (That last one is the most likely) In 2012 on December 21st. I look forward to it. It's such a shame that everyone hypes up these sorts of things because it could have been embraced as a turn of a calender or something better and exciting other than "We're all going to die! Oh my, Oh my, Oh my!!!" -Sigh-

Anyway! Heh, enough on that weird note, What do I resolve to do then?

1. Typically - Lose weight. 
Ok, So I know everyone puts this, but I really do need to lose the weight I gained while we moved house, I may be happy with my body but this extra weight is really making me feel odd as it's come on so fast :S

2. Give more
Sad to say, I'm one of those people that doesn't really give the time of day to those poor people who are just trying to get their message heard for a charity or earn a few pounds doing surveys or selling the 'Big Issue'. I tend to be very cynical about it and really, lessening that cynicism would be a big bonus for a more positive year.

3. Show more gratitude!
Sending more thank you notes to people after I receive gifts, hugging people, thanking them for doing a good job. I am polite and say please and thank you for normal things but I don't say hank you properly when it really matters as I tend to get caught in the moment.

4. Smile more
Apparently I'm grumpy a lot. I try stop this now, k? :P

5. Clean through my PC properly
As in, go through every file I have and delete all the unnecessary naff that's in there. File photo's, get some printed off and framed, sort out word documents. Just general backing up and cleaning out.

6. Develop more Art
For my blog, for the art communities that I neglect, for everywhere!

7. Drink more water!
And be more healthy in general. This is a pretty hard one as no one else in my family will even bother trying to be healthy but I shall try extra hard this year to get myself and everyone else eating better food.

That's all that really sticks out for me. What are your new years resolutions?

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