Sunday, 30 January 2011

Have a little heart

In order to know my deepest secrets, you must break my heart...
 So I was browsing Etsy yesterday and came across this truly strange and fantastic thing. It was a ceramic heart 'Corezone' to keep your thoughts and secrets in and in order to return to those and read back what was there you had to literally break your heart to do so. The concept is brilliant and I haven't come across something like this in such a long time. If only I had enough money I would buy one, although I wouldn't want to break it open as the craftsmanship is fantastic.

 Intrigued, I then searched for some more heart themed things on etsy to see what came up. Well sifting through all the normal heart stuff was both nice and quite tiresome. Was there anyone else that made or sold real heart themed things in such an interesting manner? Well sort of. Towards the limit of my patience of shapes I found pins and necklaces with a real heart on made out of metal with the inscription "You are here" very poignantly punched into the metal.

 Lovely, I knew the wonders of Etsy before but never thought there could be such interesting items on there, labeling it down to crafty people selling craft things of felt and buttons, hammered metals and knitted items (don't get me wrong, I like those things a lot but I like difference too) I really should start browsing the site more, even if I can't afford it hehe.
Anyway, have a nice Sunday, and relax your day away


  1. Hey, I saw you commented on my blog, and it made me very happy because no-one I don't know in real life has commented before :) I commented back but I wasn't sure if you would see it so I thought I'd comment on yours. Just wanted you to know that you made my day :D

  2. Hey! I've been checking back now and then to see if you'd reply because I was excited about finding someone in st.albans and I'd forgotten to click the "notify me" box when leaving the comment lol
    Awh, really? I'm glad :D <3 It makes me wonder why there are so many witty or visually interesting blogs that aren't getting much traffic.
    Ah well :) Glad to have found a fellow st.a blogger on the blogging world without meeting through friends or in real life or anything like that hehe.
    Much love :) ♥


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