Saturday, 15 January 2011


Well I've been so busy for the past couple of days that I've fallen behind a bit but never mind hehe.

Though, today has been a day of thinking, contemplating things that could drastically change my life because of a silly mistake, stuff like that.
And also things that act as an advantage to life, planning a career path, how to support myself and possible more than myself in the future. Who knows.
We've been busy trying to do the food shopping on a budget today too, we're not as well off as we used to be and tightening the belt is difficult when there are people in this household that can't seem to understand the meaning of "No, you can't have that" and addictive personalities.
-Le sigh- But never ind, another day rolls by.

There's a car boot sale on tomorrow and I really want to go and see what it's like. I'm an avid car boot sale person and love every aspect of them, they seem so British and country-side-y.
Also, I've noticed I'm not making as many spelling mistake in my blog now that I'm writing more frequently. When I press the spell check, only a few words where my keys aren't working properly (Like my G key for example) come up as wrong. This pleases me so much as I've always thought I've had terrible spelling.

Also, I have the list of 100 book in a link at the top of the page if anyone is interested how I'm getting on with it. I'm currently reading "The Hobbit". It's shameful that I haven't read it yet, but it seems lovely so far. I heard a rumor that they're going to make it into a film too, whether this is true or not is another thing but it'd be lovely if they do.

Anyway, hoping for tomorrow, I'm going to have to prepare next weekends blog posts as I won't be around.
I'll see what inspires me in the next week to come.
Toodles ♥

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