Sunday, 20 March 2011


Daffodil from a few years ago ♥

Happy Spring Equinox Everyone!

Things that I'm thinking about lately and making me happy:

Pub Quizzes


All of the flowers that are finally waking up and showing their heads - Hello flowers!

Trying to think of a theme for my final major project - worried :S

Enjoying the weekeneds to the full

Making a list of which flowers we should get for when we sort out the garden

Reading with my other half in bed before we go to sleep

What are you loving on lately? ♥

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Today is a new day

Do the Robot~
Today I revamped my 21 things list. I wasn't really content with the list ever since I made it, I'm not sure if I am now, but it does feel a whole lot more right than before.

I'm steadily selling things on eBay - this pleases me. I stress about whether I've sent the items to the right place or not, even when I have a meticulous system to make sure I don't go wrong. I keep second guessing myself. But this is a good thing right? Because if I didn't care about these sorts of things I wouldn't be a very good seller.

Ah well - over and out~

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Something I'm selling on eBay

Hm, well the past week has been a bit odd. It feels like it is was a hell of a lot longer than it has been...I uess it's been a good timeout though as I haven't really paid much attention to the internet world as we know it.

I :

Made some cake

Sent off packages of eBay things

Been to college and began a new project

Went to work

Wasn't very impressed with the post office ladies attitude

Enjoyed the spring smell

Was really ill for a while

Seemed to have gotten everything dumped on me in one go, but it's slowly ebbing away now, thank goodness.

Went to a quiz night

So yes. Also, I really want to re-write my 21 things. Am I allowed to do that? Who knows.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My gosh...

Well I did want to start this post with "PANCAKE DAY" but...something far more strange has happened...

I've had two...TWO really bad nosebleeds today. I know right? Most people only get them like once every million years or something but twice. My mum said that if it happens again I'll have to go to the doctor, these weren't the normal 2 minutes bleeds either, the first one went on for about half an hour before it managed to stop and the second one went on for 20 minutes. A whole new epic level of bleeding man...
So yes, that was a bit distressing and I'm quite light headed and headachey now.

So after that excitement -


- Yes, it is the nom day of all nom. I made the pancake batter last night as it tastes a whole lot better when it's left to sit for a while and my nan recipe which has been passed down to me is still the most amazing tasting pancakes I've ever had ♥
So yummy.

Are you having pancakes right now? As we speak? In this precise moment?!
Tell me how scrummy they are! :D

(Can you tell I'm not really myself today? lol)

Monday, 7 March 2011

I think...

Really awesome Tissue box cover on etsy ♥

I'm getting ill, you know the signs. Urgh, this is like the 5th time in 6 months...I usually only get one cold a year....ONE...or sometimes two but seriously, what the hell?

Le sigh. Some of my things are selling well on eBay. Yay, although I think I'll have to relist a few by the time they all end. Never mind. It still means I'll have funds to get things on eBay without eating away at my bank balance. If I keep this up, I should be able to fund my eBay addiction just by selling things I don't need any more.

I'm trying to get into habits. I've heard it takes three weeks to pick up a habit (or before something becomes a habit) So I'm currently trying to have breakfast, do exercise, make the bed every day - stuff like that.

Anyway, my head is feeling a bit heavy so I'm going to get an early night, rest and hope that this cold doesn't come out during the night.
Toodles sweety. ♥

Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Neighbor Totoro

I've always loved Studio Ghibli films. It's from my days of obsessing over anime and manga. But, there's something more to the Japanese way of life that has always appealed to me, and this comes across subtly in their cartoons.
There is usually always a lesson to be learnt in these cartoons or films. They're not simply made to slowly make their brains go blank like our utterly rubbish western culture, they show something and at the end of watching one of the films or episodes, you feel like you've learnt how to be a better person. Whether this is by soaking in the appreciatation and power of good animation or if there's been a message in the story.
Ok, so this may be me over analysing, but my goodness I love it. It's just a whole better, more intellectual child entertainment.
Anyway, I'm going on about this because I've just finished watching My Neighbor Totoro. What a wonderful film! It's so heart warming and nice! You need to watch it, even if it's not your type of thing, you'll still be smiling at the end of it.
Go watch some Ghibli!

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Gosh, I'm loving her at the moment!
Plus she can act, the movies she's in are wonderful and just yay :3

Fierce!! But then there's the original...♥ ♥

Oh my...but this, om nom! I guess this is the reason why I like the JLo song. I had this little toy that you'd create a motion with and this round thing would spin along two metal tracks and play a tune, the tune was this Lambada song. I was obsessed with it. It used to make me think of an exotic dragon story ( have no idea why, that's the workings of a child's brain I guess?) But from that it's fascinated me ever since. It's only recently that's it's resurfaced in "On the Floor".
Well thank you JLo for bringing out this awesome anthem! ♥

Friday, 4 March 2011


Such a lovely sunny day today - Spring, hurry up. Your teasing is not fair!
What are you thinking about today? :)

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Today I exercised - woo?
I plan (HUR~) to do this more often, but I feel pretty good at the moment even though I feel kinda floppy. I started out with some stretching so I'd hopefully not pull a muscle, followed by 10 minutes on the exercise bike (I'm starting small people, I haven't been on the exercise bike in years!) followed by 20 sit ups to try and sort my tummy muscles out, then 20 of those backwards leg ups, then 10 each of those side legs ups, 10 woman push ups and then that weird backwards arm thing 10 times. I have no idea of the proper names of these, obviously lol. But the fact of the matter is, I did it, and broke a sweat and  finished by some stretching on the floor :D
So if I keep this up I can begin to lose this extortionate amount of weight I put on while we were doing up this blooming house and living on take aways. Urgh

On another note, today has been really productive. I got the room cleared up, sorted out some eBay listings, sorted out some tings for charity while clearing up, hoovered the upstairs. :D
So yes, yay.
How has everyone elses day been?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

They Came!

So, do you remember me blogging about the awesome UgChug Mugs by NelsonStudio? Well, mine have turned up! And they're even better in real life! And whats more, as I was the first international customer, they gave me Puck free!! I was overwhelmed with appreciation and awesomeness!
Anyway, I basically only have the word "SQUEEEE" in my head at the moment so I'll share some pictures of these amazing mugs!

Meet Troy and Puck!

I put this one in too, even though it went wrong I find it amusing

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Gosh, that was long!

Sneaky peak and stupid expressing lol God knows why my mouth looks so...upturned? lol

Well I've just spent my evening listing items on eBay. So time consuming, in the past I've only listed a couple of things at a time but this time I've gone all out and listed 22 items! All at the starting price of 99p or less. Woohoo.
My plan is if I can sell some stuff on eBay, it'll fund what I buy off of eBay s I won't eat away at my bank funds :D In theory this is brilliant, but we all know that this could not go to plan hehe.
Anyway, I have a more exciting post  tomorrow highlighting the best part about today? Strange eh? hehe

Have a nice night everyone :) ♥
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