Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Neighbor Totoro

I've always loved Studio Ghibli films. It's from my days of obsessing over anime and manga. But, there's something more to the Japanese way of life that has always appealed to me, and this comes across subtly in their cartoons.
There is usually always a lesson to be learnt in these cartoons or films. They're not simply made to slowly make their brains go blank like our utterly rubbish western culture, they show something and at the end of watching one of the films or episodes, you feel like you've learnt how to be a better person. Whether this is by soaking in the appreciatation and power of good animation or if there's been a message in the story.
Ok, so this may be me over analysing, but my goodness I love it. It's just a whole better, more intellectual child entertainment.
Anyway, I'm going on about this because I've just finished watching My Neighbor Totoro. What a wonderful film! It's so heart warming and nice! You need to watch it, even if it's not your type of thing, you'll still be smiling at the end of it.
Go watch some Ghibli!

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