Monday, 7 March 2011

I think...

Really awesome Tissue box cover on etsy ♥

I'm getting ill, you know the signs. Urgh, this is like the 5th time in 6 months...I usually only get one cold a year....ONE...or sometimes two but seriously, what the hell?

Le sigh. Some of my things are selling well on eBay. Yay, although I think I'll have to relist a few by the time they all end. Never mind. It still means I'll have funds to get things on eBay without eating away at my bank balance. If I keep this up, I should be able to fund my eBay addiction just by selling things I don't need any more.

I'm trying to get into habits. I've heard it takes three weeks to pick up a habit (or before something becomes a habit) So I'm currently trying to have breakfast, do exercise, make the bed every day - stuff like that.

Anyway, my head is feeling a bit heavy so I'm going to get an early night, rest and hope that this cold doesn't come out during the night.
Toodles sweety. ♥

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