Friday, 4 March 2011


Such a lovely sunny day today - Spring, hurry up. Your teasing is not fair!
What are you thinking about today? :)


  1. I am thinking nice it is, now that spring break's here, to have some time to CREATE again.

  2. Great! What will you do?
    I've just had an assessment so There's a small amount of time off, people are going away to Krakow too for the college trip, unfortunately I couldn't afford it but never mind, just means I can potter about for a week. :)

  3. mm, I will make some pictures, bake, change my room around, make some blog posts...simple enjoyable things like that.
    Krakow! sounds fantastic, but I am following the "pottering around for a week" model for myself, so I know better than to ever diss it! :)

  4. Hehe, I've got a cold and a nosebleeding problem for my hard work. Yay. So I'm currently sitting here looking rough and all bleeding alert lol.
    I wouldn't mind but the room really needs clearing up and I haven't got the energy. :(


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