Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Gosh, that was long!

Sneaky peak and stupid expressing lol God knows why my mouth looks so...upturned? lol

Well I've just spent my evening listing items on eBay. So time consuming, in the past I've only listed a couple of things at a time but this time I've gone all out and listed 22 items! All at the starting price of 99p or less. Woohoo.
My plan is if I can sell some stuff on eBay, it'll fund what I buy off of eBay s I won't eat away at my bank funds :D In theory this is brilliant, but we all know that this could not go to plan hehe.
Anyway, I have a more exciting post  tomorrow highlighting the best part about today? Strange eh? hehe

Have a nice night everyone :) ♥

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