Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I made a quiche!

And i'm quite proud of it. Because, I've never made a quiche before and I actually like it...which is odd too because I usually don't like them. And I made the pastry :D
Yeah anyway, I should be revising for my theory but...yeah >.> -slacking-
I'm growing some strawberries and a tomato plant outside :D and also planted some carrots :D No shoots yet though, not sure how long they'll take to come up, if at all.
some of the plaster stuff came off of next doors house because of the wind today, so not sure what the landlord is going to do about that, probably put some plastic over it and that's it knowing this lot, they're useless, seriously. They won't deal with anything wrong in this place.
Anyway, heres the picture of the quiche, taken with my phone because I couldn't be bothered to take a proper picture. It's got cheese, bacon and onion in it :D <3 Enjoy:


So this is just rude of me...Not posting in such a long time. Bad me :< I have kinda a bit to tell thoguh at least. My driving is getting better, My theory is in 2 weeks :D and i've seen some people and been to a garden party which was just fabulous and all that. The decorations were too nice. I've knitted a hat!! A pixie hat! xD And about to start another one slightly better this time and starting from the other end lol. It's coming up to mine and my boyfriends 6th month together, I believe we shall be going into London for a nice luncheon and then going on the London Eye in the evening :) Hopefully it'll be all romantic xD (Hopefully i'll have enough money D:)

I'll leave you with a photo of me, cause I can, and I haven't got any other pics atm, so yes. :D
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