Wednesday, 29 December 2010


One thing I lack (which is really rather bad :s) is appreciation. I take a lot for granted until it's gone and don't stop to say thank you often enough. I'm not sure why but it seems to slip my mind as I know I definitely think "Omg thank you, this is so thoughtful" But I have to actually make an effort to get those words out.

But why?

I think this coming year and from now on I shall conciously resolve to say 'Thank you' more for the things I really aught to, and not just think it but show it, say and express it more openly. Maybe it's just I'm not very good at showing gratitude? I mean, my parents never show gratitude for anything so perhaps this has spread onto me; it's such a shame.

What are you thankful for?

No other time

There is no other time when one gets most creative with outfits than when you have a massive pile of washing to do.  We try and make items of clothing work which we wouldn't usually put together in our "favourites" piles of clothes that we usually fancy wearing at that stage of time.
This truly fascinates me how I can manage to come up with some strange but kind of quirky outfits when I have (apparently) no clothes to wear. I have a fairly limited wardrobe as it is, being quite large and not being able to afford the clothing in the shops that actually make decent clothing for me (decent being that it won't fall apart after 2 washes and plus size)
Ah well. I just thought I'd share this. eBay is a fabulous place for clothing if you're a different sized body shape than the "norm". Thrifting can be interesting, it's rare to find anything but when you do it's a real gem of a plus size piece! Sales are fantastic for people who will pick up that garment that no one else like because it's not following the current fashion stream.
So yes, just to end, here are a pair of cherubs my boyfriend got me for Christmas; I love them :)

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

So it turns out...

Well, I get one of my things on my list crossed off a lot sooner than I thought possible.

11) Save and buy a Ford KA!

I mean OMG. It just by chance that a guy crashed into my parked car during the icy/snowy weather and by chance I got some money because of it and by chance I managed to save up enough from birthday and Christmas money to buy a Ford KA! :D
I'm so pleased, this was one of the points on the list that I didn't think I'd even cross off before my 21st birthday but looks like it's dubbed and honored as the first and what a wonderful first one it is!

Now time for the long phone calls about insurance and tax.


Monday, 20 December 2010


Most have link backs embedded in the images but some I don't know where the source is, so if anyone knows where the image is from please leave a comment :)

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Neighbours back garden

So, the part of England I live in has finally been hit with the bad snow. It's softly blizzarding outside at the moment. I wish I could say "woohoo" but it's terribly inconvenient. And to add to that some stupid boy crashed into my parked car yesterday, so I'm not sure how that pans out. I may not have a car and we were supposed to be driving to my other halves family this Monday.

So as I write this the snow has gotten worse and is now really blizzarding. Please snow, go away for next week, I need to get things done :( Come back on Christmas eve. -nod-
At least I've gotten all my Christmas shopping done :)

Update: The snow has built up on my windows hehe.

Update: Biiiig flakes. lol

Thursday, 16 December 2010


I want cake
Align Centre
I shall get cake


I now have cake

Plus Tea & Vicar of Dibley box set.

What more could one ask for? :3

21 things before I'm 21

O mai

So, I've hopped on and finally thought of 21 things, they may not be as exciting as some of them but I'm really excited about it and actually following through with it.
I first saw this on the Blog, Yes and Yes and thought it was a really neat idea at the time. Now that I've turned 20 I feel I should actively do things that I haven't really been doing so much of before and trying to involve myself and the people around.

So here it is:

1) Drive to the Beach
2) Go for a Fish Pedicure
3) Raise at least £100 for a good cause
5) Grow some vegetables and make a meal with them
6) Lose the weight I've gained in the last 6 months
7) Hold a car boot sale stall
8) Get a professional massage
9) Make some paper
10) Visit my best friend in Sweden
11) Save and buy a Ford KA car
12) Go on a random road trip
13) Learn how to make a curry base so I don't have to use a recipe every time
14) Go to the cinema on my own
15) Grow my Hair long and dye it lighter
16) Give Blood
17) Sell some things on eBay like a real seller
18) Make a trade by post package of cute, creative and fun things with someone
19) Read as many of the books as possible on the BBC's 100 list
20) Spend an day/night under the clouds/stars - Or both
21) Save up £2100 (Hehe get it? 21 - I'm so witty)

EDIT: So, I've re-thought my list as some of them seemed quite similar. Bring on the funz :P

PS: I tend to change random points for less selfish ones when I think of them. 'kay.

Wish me luck! And tell me if any of you are trying this too? :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

First off...

My bunch of flowers from my boyfriend for my birthday :)

So the Birthday was nice, I came home from work to a lovely "Sagittarius" bunch of flowers. They smell lovely.
And really go well with the colour of my room xD I was impressed the boyfriend managed to get that.

So yes, I've been wanting to try this for a while now, but limitations, limitations. I know that's a poor excuse :P
It's the "X number before I'm X age" challenge.
I'm going to see if I can think of 21 things to try before I'm 21. Forgive me if they aren't so adventurous or anything, it's my first time! Hehe.
I shall think of them today and more than likely post them in the new post. :D

Monday, 13 December 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

I'm 20 today, no longer a teenager, hehe. Good ol' 12 days before christmas, it's a time when deck the halls really comes into play!
Anyway... ;)

At the moment I'm loving:

+ Stars +

+ Fishtail braids +

Source Unknown

+ Tribal and interesting earrings +

Have fun everyone :)

Sunday, 28 November 2010


I like old fashion hairstyles...
They are so much more interesting than the hair styles of today, the majority of people either want poker straight hair if they have curly hair or weird curls/"waves" that usually drop out because they lack the curly gene (har har fail for them).

My only regret is that I don't experiment with my hair as such as I used to, as some people have truly fantastic styles and all the time and money they put into it is certainly worth it. PLEASE, give me the will to do something interesting again! :P

Either way, curly hair trumps straight all the way because it's so much more diverse.
And back in the 1940's you could look like this ♥♥ I'm sporting this style at the moment with a passion.

Well a little bit like it but mmm I like those styles ♥

Me :P

Ah well ;D

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Guy Fawkes!

(Click image for source)

I love this time of year. Fireworks, hot drinks and food, displays, bonfires, Fireworks! Love it. It's so magical and the history is amazing. The colours are inspiring and it really brings people together for some fun around this time of year.
Where the Americans have Halloween, we have Guy Fawkes night and it truly is a magical holiday.

On another note;


Oh my gosh, I really shouldn't get so excited but mwehehehehe, this has spanned half of my lifetime. It's a pretty big deal. Mwuahahaha. Ah well. I hope everyone else is as excited! x3


Tuesday, 2 November 2010


(Click image for source)

So I guess it's a mixture of college work and life in general that's really getting me down. I don't know if college will understand this and how flexible my time frames are. -Sigh-

Don't know what to do :(

Monday, 1 November 2010

And it has been and gone...

They're little pumpkin candles in the window, I wish I'd gotten a picture of them to be honest.

So Halloween came and went, it was something fun to blog about for a while. Children knocked on the door because they saw our pumpkins outside, I don't think they really went to the boring houses hehe. Despite the amount of kids, we have loads of sweets left, woohoo. :)

And now, more 'srs bsn' college is starting again, and I'm slacking to the max. Why? Because i'm lazy, yup. I don't know why but I have no motivation for my college work at the moment, but this past week has been filled with on and off illness and not really leaving the house. I should have made more of an effort in the beginning of the week. But whats done is done and I can only move forward now.

'When nothing is going right... go left'

So yes. Lets hope for more to come. I know how to go make a colour wheel and find 5 things to draw with complimentary colours and using techniques I've learnt over the past 5 weeks. Woop, so time for a DVD me thinks while trying to draw some fruit! :D

Toodles ;)

Saturday, 30 October 2010


So, this is the lamest second installation of the pumpkin trio, ever. That carving is horrid Lol and I was determined to have three awesome pumpkins this year. Never mind. I guess that's what's happens when you want to try and carve a pumpkin at nearly 12 at night with no inspiration other than fangs...
Hehe looks like that one is dribbling because the camera slipped off the rock :P

My Friday was ok apart from one major thing. At the end of the big draw day, they'd all packed up early and they'd taken my college book with them. All my work from the past 5 weeks was in there :S Anyway I have found out who has it now, but I have no idea where to find that person. And I can't do much work because of it -.-
Other than that, the big draw! Well, that was pretty funny, we were sellotape sculpting this male mannequins legs, and once it was done, fixing the legs back together again was a right handling but very funny, involving legs for arms and kicks in the head. Heee. Ah well.
That was followed by a nice cheap-ish lunch in pizza hut with Emily and Georgia. It was after this that we went back to help out in the last half hour of the big draw for my college, that we found that they'd left without us, with expressions of "Err......... ....." on our faces.

Meh, following from that I gave Georgia a lift part way home with some amusing banter in the car. So yeah it was a strange day, and I feel like it's been Sunday today. Merr murr. I'll leave you with a picture of Bagera (Not a very good one mind, but he was lurking about out the front while I was taking photo's of the pumpkin) because he's black and it's almost Halloween :)

Toodles ;)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

All Hallows Eve is a'commin'!

So, last year I did this post (scroll down a bit for pumpkins) Where we were in a different house with a much more fantastic porch and I bought those amazingly cheap pumkins! This year, we're building a porch in our house that we own and not rent and I'm putting out a new pumpkin (which were just as cheap as last year but everyone cought on finally how cheap Aldi is and all the good big pumpkins were gone :<) each day leading up to Hallow'een. So this is the first one! Granted the positioning in the photo's isn't great but I sat the camera on something that wouldn't move so I could take a long exposure shot so it'd look awesome.

I shall post the second pumkin, when I get time tomorow because tomorrow is aVERY busy day for me. shall post about it then ;)

See you!

Oh, & Have fun this Halloween!Click for source

Should I?

Should I start writing Artist/artwork analysis' here?
I think it would get me into a good habit.
Or should I create a new blog for it?
I feel that creating a new blog for it would make me more reluctant to write as it wouldn't flow like this blog has.
This would help my college work.
Is anyone interested in that sort of thing anyway? Should I even post my college work?

Me, No, no.
Confusing ensues.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Gallery Visits

"An integral part of your studies"

Pah. why D: Well I say why, I do know why, it shows primary source imagery and initiative in research but gurh, WHY.
The only decent galleries and exhibitions are in London, it costs a fortune to go there for the day. And I simply can't afford stuff like that. I just want to stare at images on the net, print them off and write eloquently about them. But even that is not enough, I need books, leaflets, magazine cuttings, newspapers.
So much effort just to justify why I drew something the way I did...
What has Art become?

Friday, 15 October 2010

Like VS

Twilight is an insult to literature. But I can appreciate the type font right? ;)

Holly ♥

Thursday, 22 April 2010


I mainly read blogs these days, so yeah. Perhaps I'll get back into the blogging once I start college and such but until then I can't really commit to anything other than my current school work and such.

I guess it's a bit of down time for me, well more than a bit, but I still check for updates of other blogs and enjoy reading them too, so yes :)

Good luck,
Stay creative,
And live long (and prosper lol)

Holly ♥

Friday, 15 January 2010


Smoochy smoochy Haha It was more for my hair than anything.

So, curly hair. I'm beginning to wonder how many people actually have curly hair these days and don't try to hide it. I love mine, I can have uncountable amounts of hairstyles because of it, all I have to do is get the straighteners out if I want a change and trust me, straightening is easier than curling your hair, by a long shot.

But why are people still trying to hide their natural curliness? Can't they manage it? Is the frizz worrying them? Because to be honest a little frizz looks kind of cute. And there's so many way's to combat the frizz.
I find that if I do these steps just after it's been washed it comes out great. Do a bit of combing with an Afro comb to get out any knots, do my normal side parting then crunch it like anything followed by tying my hair up and let it dry in a loose bun or while it's all held up with a clip, there's practically no frizz at all and then just do a bit of crunching when dry to give them a spring to life (like slapping a baby on the bottom when it's first popped out :P) and the curls will naturally begin to spring further into themselves while it's down. And they feel wonderful, experiment with hair, don't turn to the straighteners because even if your hair is wavy and not naturally dead straight it's far FAR prettier than this poker straight hair everyone is having at the moment.

But yes...after that rant, I have a bad back :( Well I had a bad back, it's almost better now. Exam topics soon for my courses and I'll finally get to change my theme subject in photography. Woot!

Anyone else have something to rant about today? ♥

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pastelly Woo

I love pastel colours. I'm finding this out more and more as time passes. I'm beginning to appreciate plants, time, love, life.
We've had a lot of snow lately and it's stopping me doing what I need to do, school is a no go still. I'm also getting a little lost as this time is flying by, we're already in 2010, it's amazing and scary at the same time. There's a couple of decisions that if I don't make them soon I may lose out for another year, but then there's another path that I could take instead and I'm a little confused....and again scared.
As much as I love this weather, I long for lazy sunny days or the smell of spring mornings, the buzz of insects on a really hot day. Everything about growth and new life, but we'll be getting it soon, only a couple of months to go.

I miss daisies.

Well...all flowers, I'm going to make a book of pressed flowers this year for sure. I pressed a few last year and came across them (having forgotten I'd put them in the books) with delight. I have the pressed lavender on my cork board.

Ah well :)

Friday, 8 January 2010


Do you ever wonder?
Not "Wonder what?" I hear you say but just...Wonder?
Aimlessly, pointlessly?
It can be good, and not. Can cause brooding, or not.

I wonder about a lot of things, too much to list, but what I have been wondering lately is how I'm going to get back into blogging again. I only seem to be able to religiously blog when I have nothing else in my life. Maybe I need to learn to organise my hobbies better, or even organise my work better. Something.

What do you wonder?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Little birdy...

Sweet little birdy in the sky,
dropped some white stuff in my eye,
aren't you glad that cows can't fly?

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