Tuesday, 28 December 2010

So it turns out...

Well, I get one of my things on my list crossed off a lot sooner than I thought possible.

11) Save and buy a Ford KA!

I mean OMG. It just by chance that a guy crashed into my parked car during the icy/snowy weather and by chance I got some money because of it and by chance I managed to save up enough from birthday and Christmas money to buy a Ford KA! :D
I'm so pleased, this was one of the points on the list that I didn't think I'd even cross off before my 21st birthday but looks like it's dubbed and honored as the first and what a wonderful first one it is!

Now time for the long phone calls about insurance and tax.



  1. how awesome! felicitations. are you the sort of person who names her car?

  2. I'm afraid I'm not. Although I end up naming other inamimate objects with friends all the time, I just don't end up naming the bigger important things hehe.

    But, I do name all of my memory sticks/cards. I currently have:


    They all seem to be men, I have no idea why lol. But that's got a little to do with trying to find it when it's blugged into a computer hehe.


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