Thursday, 16 December 2010

21 things before I'm 21

O mai

So, I've hopped on and finally thought of 21 things, they may not be as exciting as some of them but I'm really excited about it and actually following through with it.
I first saw this on the Blog, Yes and Yes and thought it was a really neat idea at the time. Now that I've turned 20 I feel I should actively do things that I haven't really been doing so much of before and trying to involve myself and the people around.

So here it is:

1) Drive to the Beach
2) Go for a Fish Pedicure
3) Raise at least £100 for a good cause
5) Grow some vegetables and make a meal with them
6) Lose the weight I've gained in the last 6 months
7) Hold a car boot sale stall
8) Get a professional massage
9) Make some paper
10) Visit my best friend in Sweden
11) Save and buy a Ford KA car
12) Go on a random road trip
13) Learn how to make a curry base so I don't have to use a recipe every time
14) Go to the cinema on my own
15) Grow my Hair long and dye it lighter
16) Give Blood
17) Sell some things on eBay like a real seller
18) Make a trade by post package of cute, creative and fun things with someone
19) Read as many of the books as possible on the BBC's 100 list
20) Spend an day/night under the clouds/stars - Or both
21) Save up £2100 (Hehe get it? 21 - I'm so witty)

EDIT: So, I've re-thought my list as some of them seemed quite similar. Bring on the funz :P

PS: I tend to change random points for less selfish ones when I think of them. 'kay.

Wish me luck! And tell me if any of you are trying this too? :)


  1. What an awesome list! Good luck with all of your goals :)

  2. I've not heard of heat-sensitive paint...I can imagine it producing some really interesting effects.

    Dear Other Holly, would you believe my blog's old URL was Fancy bumping into you.

  3. Well I saw this amazing heat sensitive wallpaper that was on a radiator wall and the flowers bloomed in three stages of heat, it was beautiful.
    Anyway, I know I couldn't afford something like that so I thought I'd paint something myself and hang it abov a radiator hehe.

    When I first tried making this, I tried "" but didn't get it, I wonder if that's another Holly?
    But then my friend suggested "prickly thorns and the ivy" just to keep it plant like so hence hehe.
    Holly's of the world unit!

    (You're not born 12 days before christmas by any chance? :P)

  4. naw, heh; I'm a spring baby, but I get asked that often.

  5. Hehe, Yeah, I get asked it and can safely answer 'Yes'.
    I was supposed to be born in January, but I'm glad I'm in December, it's such a special month <3

  6. Just pop by to visit your blog...and I love it! It's nice, clean, and fun! How can I not follow you?

  7. Ah thank you! Hehe That's really appreciated :) I'm glad you find my little things interesting. Also, I really like your light sculptures, I may do a post about them soon (if you don't mind of course :]) as they're fantastic. I didn't realise util after I'd done the plant paper box post that those were so amazing and created in such an interesting way!

    So thanks again and hoping I can blog about you more!

  8. This is awesome! I have a 30 before 30 list (wow I feel old now)! It's so much fun to have a list of things to look forward to & even more fun to complete things on the list with friends! :)

  9. Waaahy, another Holly <3 hehe

    Thanks :D I like your brew your own beer one!
    It's taking it's time but I'm slowly getting through some of them which are on going like the book list and dying my hair hehe.
    One of my main ones is driving to the beach hehe. Just wish the weather would get better to be honest. Hehe


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