Saturday, 18 December 2010


Neighbours back garden

So, the part of England I live in has finally been hit with the bad snow. It's softly blizzarding outside at the moment. I wish I could say "woohoo" but it's terribly inconvenient. And to add to that some stupid boy crashed into my parked car yesterday, so I'm not sure how that pans out. I may not have a car and we were supposed to be driving to my other halves family this Monday.

So as I write this the snow has gotten worse and is now really blizzarding. Please snow, go away for next week, I need to get things done :( Come back on Christmas eve. -nod-
At least I've gotten all my Christmas shopping done :)

Update: The snow has built up on my windows hehe.

Update: Biiiig flakes. lol

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