Friday, 15 January 2010


Smoochy smoochy Haha It was more for my hair than anything.

So, curly hair. I'm beginning to wonder how many people actually have curly hair these days and don't try to hide it. I love mine, I can have uncountable amounts of hairstyles because of it, all I have to do is get the straighteners out if I want a change and trust me, straightening is easier than curling your hair, by a long shot.

But why are people still trying to hide their natural curliness? Can't they manage it? Is the frizz worrying them? Because to be honest a little frizz looks kind of cute. And there's so many way's to combat the frizz.
I find that if I do these steps just after it's been washed it comes out great. Do a bit of combing with an Afro comb to get out any knots, do my normal side parting then crunch it like anything followed by tying my hair up and let it dry in a loose bun or while it's all held up with a clip, there's practically no frizz at all and then just do a bit of crunching when dry to give them a spring to life (like slapping a baby on the bottom when it's first popped out :P) and the curls will naturally begin to spring further into themselves while it's down. And they feel wonderful, experiment with hair, don't turn to the straighteners because even if your hair is wavy and not naturally dead straight it's far FAR prettier than this poker straight hair everyone is having at the moment.

But yes...after that rant, I have a bad back :( Well I had a bad back, it's almost better now. Exam topics soon for my courses and I'll finally get to change my theme subject in photography. Woot!

Anyone else have something to rant about today? ♥


  1. I would LOVE curly hair, you're really lucky!


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