Thursday, 28 October 2010

All Hallows Eve is a'commin'!

So, last year I did this post (scroll down a bit for pumpkins) Where we were in a different house with a much more fantastic porch and I bought those amazingly cheap pumkins! This year, we're building a porch in our house that we own and not rent and I'm putting out a new pumpkin (which were just as cheap as last year but everyone cought on finally how cheap Aldi is and all the good big pumpkins were gone :<) each day leading up to Hallow'een. So this is the first one! Granted the positioning in the photo's isn't great but I sat the camera on something that wouldn't move so I could take a long exposure shot so it'd look awesome.

I shall post the second pumkin, when I get time tomorow because tomorrow is aVERY busy day for me. shall post about it then ;)

See you!

Oh, & Have fun this Halloween!Click for source

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