Thursday, 29 October 2009


Golly, it's been a long time but I've had so much to do these past weeks it's unreal. First there's been a problem with actually allowing me to continue the courses I'm doing at school, that took up way too much time and energy for my liking just because the doctors couldn't change a few words. 4 weeks it took them to change it and not even a sorry. But as my mum said, they'll keep people waiting for so long that the person will die and they won't even be sorry.
Anyway. School work is going fine, I just hope that there is no problems.

I have a hamster called Pea, it was a present to myself for passing my driving test :D He has one black eye and one red eye. I was going to call him Jones after David Bowie but Pea seemed appropriate at the time...not so much now as he's a little fatty hehe.
Thought some bad news is one of our cats has gone missing, our one year old Pip, he's been gone for a couple of days now so we're not sure whats happened. That's two cats that have gone missing while we've been here. It's unbelievable. And the other went missing around this time of year too...It's just, upsetting. We're just hoping he comes back or someone finds him somehow. We've been searching around the fields surrounding us and everywhere possible, all we can hope now is that he might be locked in somewhere waiting to get out and not that he's hurt or worse.

Anyway! Me, Dad ad Steph went Christmas shopping in Canterbury I managed to get 12 Christmas presents while that got about 1 or 2. I was impressed and glad that I could get so much this early. We're trying to get our Christmas shopping done and out of the way earlier this year so there's no rushing and worrying and over spending on last minute rubbish. We're planning our next trip soon to somewhere else distant, it's always nice shopping in a different place hehe.
Also a rather marvelous image of my dad looking in a window, he actually quite liked the shop, I must have caught him trying to read something heh.

Hm what else, Oh! Halloween is soon and Aldi have pumpkins for 99p each so I bought three today and they're happily sitting on our porch, carved and awesome hehe. I'm quite impressed to be honest. One of them is themed with a game me and Rob play. For the horde! ;) I also roasted the pumpkin seeds and they're rather scrummy. Now all I want to do is try pumpkin recipes but I'm the only one that wants to try them so hey ho, that's all that's been happening that I can think of.

I may not be posting as regularly until Christmas perhaps and theme days may have to take a miss to be honest. I don't have as much time on my hands now I have my life back on track which is a shame but also good as well as I'm keeping myself busy.

Tell me whats been happening!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I'm sorry,

Everyone, but things will have to stop for a little while. My life is catching up on me a bit and it needs sorting out first, school, home, projects. Also, from all this stress and hecticness I've gotten some sort of cold thing and there's no time to stop to let it get better.
I can still be checking my blog updates but not as religiously. So today I came onto see so many new posts it was unbelievable but kind of nice at the same time :)
Be creative, and show me the fruits of your labour for when I can regularly update again.
So yes. I'll post when I can.


Holly ♥

PS. Why is snot so runny when you have a cold? >.<

Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday Favourites

I Love this song, and this musician. Seriously look into some of her songs.

Isn't it amazing what is held in the universe and how beautiful it is? This one looks like some lions to me hehe.

I'm always amazed by what I find on the internet but I'll definitely be trying this as the leaves begin to drop!

And this is obviously a favourite for a Friday :P. What more do you need than someone to tell you what to cook at the end of the week simply by checking some boxes. Makes life so much easier hehe.

And finally I'm in awe of these "snowflakes". Aren't they amazing! I used to love doing these at school when I was little but these are on a whole different level! Ha! xD

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Confirmation Words

Could they be any more random? Really? And some of them are quite disturbing. I've had a series of sexual and strange words through my commenting time on this site. Can't they just be random letters and numbers so it isn't as strange?

Though I say this, I do get great amusements from the strange "words" that come up. And have more than once had a good giggle with a friend about them.

I've also joined in on the "Omg I can't stop reading fmylife" The site is just lawl-worthy. And some are so bad that they're good.

I haven't been having the best of time lately, Tuesday was a pig of a day and I found out more bad news than I wanted to and today, as a result of all the stress of yesterday, I've had a cold sore come up -.- I haven't had one in such a long time.

But never mind, life goes on

Monday, 7 September 2009

Oh my gosh, Terrarium!

Imae from the Terrarium group on Flickr

I am in love with this idea! And I wish I had known about it sooner!
I first heard about it on Yes and Yes and was directed to Design*Sponge where there's a mini tutorial how to create your own cheap and easy terrarium!
So I did just that hehe.

And also joined a group on Flickr and submitted my photo's hehe. I plan on making more and making them in different types of jars also.
I think I may try making one like the picture at the top. I like the idea of putting the terrarium in a large glass. But still I'm amazed and wanting to make loads of them now hehe. It's just a shame that there's hardly any moss growing near me for some reason :( Never mind.

Give it a go! You'll be delighted with your outcome hehe.

Update: I made another one in a wine glass xD

Brighten the week

I'm gaining lols through this from Yes and Yes.
Try smelling some of the flowers that are left before autumn, you won't see them for a long while once they're gone.
Start your week (and continue through) with trying to drink at least 1 cup of different type of tea each day. I suggest Jasmine or green tea. It's so refreshing first thing on a Monday.
I'm getting simple enjoyment from this. ;)
And have a little jig too this.

Have a beautiful week

Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday Favourites

This weeks Friday favourites is inspired by PMS


Cake. Oh such a wonderful creation. And oh how I love how I've finally got a lovely sponge recipe that I made from a couple of different recipes. Oh cake ♥ Do you love cake?
(Though I don't like chocolate cake...)


Tea. Tea and Cake (Swoons) Oh such a wonderful accompaniment to cake. Thank you tea ♥

Unknown source :(

Snuggling up under the covers with someone. Oh, so lovely and snuggly, kissy and cuddly. (I'm liking the sighing today, shh :P) Better yet, Cake, tea and bed. Ooooh caaake ♥


And finally Sweets, jelly sweets in particular. Ooooh sweets, but I'd prefer cake. ♥

Have a lovely weekend

(Remember to eat some cake by the way, I'm not sure I mentioned it ;P)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


So I can't be bothered with doodle bob Wednesday it was just a quick solution for some sort of theme for a Wednesday. While the other two days are running I'm going to think of a better Wednesday theme. Maybe quote Wednesday or something I don't know.

Any suggestions? They'd be more than welcomed!

Went shopping today to get some final bits for school (despite this, I still haven't got everything I need) Got some new body spray too cause I'm addicted to the stuff, hehe. Though one of the bottles I've decided once getting it home I don't like it much. Only 99p though so yeah not too much of a tragic loss. I may ask a friend if they'd like it. But the other one I bought is loooovely! Smells so fresh and calming. And lasts quite a while, I'm pleased hehe.

Also bought ink cartridges, another small book for art, glue, a little wooden model reference for art because I have no idea where my other one is and have a funny feeling it may have been thrown out because it was broken. And some cheap canvases (which were £1.97, amazing eh?) I don't mind cheap canvases as I'm going to be painting on them with acrylic and no one is going to see the underneath so why do they need to cost so much? Obviously not if they're from Wilko's hehe. Love that shop :)

Anyway, school in 2 days :3 I'm kind of excited yet not? I don't know hehe but I guess I'm more excited.

How are you dealing with the run up?

(By the way if you're wonder what :3, x3 and xD and all those other little things are, they're faces. Tilt your head to the left. Explained in this MS paint drawing I did here. xD It's from my "I like cute Japanese things" phase and it's just stuck with me from it lol)

If you're low...

Know this;

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hello September

These months have gone by so fast. It's amazing. And now it's September, school time "yay". New projects to be started and I am going to aim high this year. I am very excited about what I've chosen for art and Resistant materials but I'm slightly dubious about photography. And it's the first time I have been like this about photog (sigh). Never mind I'll keep on trucking and get the work done and hopefully a decent mark at the end of the year :D

I just thought I might share the dinner I made today too hehe, We had Ribs 'n' Rice with salad and some garlic mushrooms. Very yummy for a day like today where it's been slightly warmer than usual. I also have some other ribs baking in the oven slowly, hopefully they'll be all sticky and nice for a snack later or lunch tomorrow.
I also made a peach cake but I'll post about that later on when I get a picture of it hehe. It's so yummy ♥
Enjoy your Tuesday :)

Monday, 31 August 2009

Brighten the week

It's that day again ;)

Can you believe this?
Start your week by trying this!
Get some motivation from these quotes.
Let out your creative side with minial effort.
Perhaps buy some luck this week?
And of course, have a giggle!

Have a nice week ♥

Friday, 28 August 2009

Guest posting for Oh, Mishka

A few days ago Oh, Mishka asked if anyone would like to guest post on her blog and I sent an email about the 5 things series with my 5 things and she decided to use it! So exciting! Hehe

Go check it out here.

Holly ♥

Friday Favourite.

Yup, I've hopped on the band waggon and caved into Friday Favourites but only because I think it's a great idea!
A first and oh such a great love of mine is:


Oh such a wonderful food stuff. I am a Marmite baby. And having it for breakfast on a bagel earlier definitely inspired me to make it one of my FF's.

Cute notepads!!

I love them and I would buy loads of them but I also get frustrated at how I can't use them all at the same time hehe. And then there's the really special notepads that I don't want to use but I have to. It goes on hehe. (By the way I really want that notepad pictured) simply amazing. And yes, I am a Hello Kitty fan and proud. Though not so much any more but if I had more money, I'd be buying so much Hello Kitty stuff it'd be unreal hehe. I'm still in awe of the Hello Kitty toaster, that's just amazing even if it wasn't Hello Kitty. Ha!

So not a very inspiring Friday favourites (Or is it? :P) but it sure made me laugh while thinking and looking for images of stuff on google and finding really strange things hehe.

Whats your Friday Favourites? ;D

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Doodle Bob Wednesday

Yes ok so it's technically thursday but I was late today D: It's only 19 minutes into thursday D:

I'm making Wednesday "Doodle Bob" day. Where I post a small picture or doodle and ask you all to do your own Doodle Bobs. You can interpret that in any way you like ;)
So get creative!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Ok so I've decided I'm not going to post about the Saatchi gallery yet as I need to research into all the artists names . I was silly enough not to write down their names as I walked along taking photo's.

Anyway, I've decided to have themed days that I've noticed a lot of blogs doing and it seems an incentive to write in my blog frequently :D So far there has been the "Brighten your week" start of a series which I hope to post every Monday to lift you up and out of the "Oh no, it's Monday" thought. There's a couple more days to come and hope they get me blogging about all sort of other stuff rather than not having anything to blog about on a day.

If you have any idea's please tell me. I'd love to hear them and also if you would like to guest blog get in touch by emailing me :)

Isn't this just a wonderful little image?

Monday, 24 August 2009

Brighten the week


I'm loving these
You should get as much enjoyment from this as I did
If not, maybe this
I appreciate true art
Brighten your week by getting some flowers for your kitchen
Enjoy your week :)

Saturday, 22 August 2009


There's the Anthony Gormley exhibition up there at the moment where people get to stand on that block in Trafalgar Square. We managed to see about 5 people while we wandered around the area. One woman had a white paper suit on who was painting herself and we felt so sorry for her as a really heavy bit of rain came down when she was up there, poor thing. Luckily we were inside having lunch at the time. And I got loads of pictures of general stuff to keep me going for a little while, I also managed to get some sneaky picture of some nice poses people were subconsciously doing while sitting around the place. Everyone looks so nice when they don't know they're having a photo taken of them. Anyone else find that?

But apart from the bit of rain the day was nicely sunny. Me and Hayley appreciated some truly amazing fine art in the National Gallery and the National portrait gallery. And there was also this outstanding painter sitting in front of one of the images, painting it like the fine art piece itself. I've never seen anyone in real life put that much effort into a piece, and it makes me smile. Being able to create art like that these days is becoming a lost skill as everyone is turning to make quick money from drawings a 5 year old could create. I'd love to be able to draw like that and gosh, being able to colour at least half as well as that, I'd be a happy girl. It's just a shame I couldn't take a photo because it was brilliant. The small crowd around him must have thought so too hehe.

Next we went to the Saatchi gallery but I may do a separate post on that tomorrow or later on as we could actually take pictures of the art in there and I'd like to do a section on the artists and pieces I liked most. They were so inspiring...nearly all of them, hehe. Some were just, well, pointless in my opinion :P

I highly suggest going into London before the summer is through, there's so much going on down there at the moment and the galleries are so serene and lovely. Not the mention all the little treasures you notice while walking around from location to location. :)


(Sitting near the Saatchi Gallery having some afternoon tea,
and trying my friends hat on hehe)

Thursday, 20 August 2009


I've noticed since I knit my first strawberry I have improved in my knitting skills as I've knitted two more strawberries :D One for my friend and one for me. Though I may make another small one for me as the big one is a bit too big.

I'm off to London on Friday with some friends for some school work research, primary resources and all that jazz. Hopefully it'll be a nice day weather wise. And I am determined to take loads of pictures and find loads to blog about hehe. I wouldn't mind going to Evans on oxford street and looking for this black dress I wanted. You can get it online but I'd rather try it on to be honest. But if we haven't got time I can always take the mister down there :)
I may do that anyway to be honest and we can go all about London that way at our own leisure.
I need to start planning my personal statement for Uni too, even though I'm not so sure about going to uni any more. But I've been advised it's best to plan ahead and get these things done in advance.
So yes, that's that for the time being I'll probably update on Friday evening or Saturday about my little outing with friends :)

How is everyone else's week going? Are you up to anything interesting?

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I can has car?

I can indeed! I got my first car today :D Now all I have to do is pass my driving test on the 29th and it'll be great!

Sunday, 16 August 2009


It's nice when you start out to organise something but don't think it'll look that great in the end but then it's wonderful? Well I've just organised my notice board and now it's better. This is why I like cleaning.


I thought I might share my oh so exciting Sunday and post a little picture of a worm from my journal too, it might tickle your Fancy.

Ah I'm so boring sometimes but I just can't think what to blog about today. I'm just sorting out little bits that need sorting and waiting excitedly for one of my best friends to come home from on holiday tomorrow. She's been away for so long. I'm going to see if she'll get one of these journals too, we'd have fun trying to think of things to go in them. We're a pair to be reckoned with when it comes to art. Mwuahahah.

So yes, enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone, however much time of it you have left :).

Last update, as it's now finished hehe. Can anyone spot the reference and what it is?
This is my new favourite page now <3 hehe


My favourite page so far :)

Because of the tea behind it. Not the burning -.- I'm not that weird but it feels like I've actually done something properly in the book now.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

It has arrived!

My "Wreck this journal" has arrived! Squee! I have been waiting since Tuesday or something like that and I thought I'd have to wait all weekend but it came today! and It's made me all excited. I've started a few pages in it already and had some fun doing so hehe.
I seriously recommend it to anyone and everyone! It'll get you to project some energy and stress from your mind into the pages and think outside the box. You can buy it off Amazon or on eBay, I think there's many places you can get it to be honest.

I'd been meaning to blog about this sooner but I wanted the book to arrive first so I could take some pictures. I may do a weekly page post or something.

I've been wondering about day themes lately and if I should give them a shot? Like "Favourite Friday" or "Tasteful Tuesday"? something like that. Any blogger's out there that do anything like this already who want to give some tips? It'd be much appreciated :)

I've also looked up a few more ways to edit my blog. I've found out how to put a divider in between posts so I made an image earlier and put one in. Also found some beautiful pins from Oh, Hello Friend. Aren't they pretty? I'm slowly learning how to make my blog into how I want it to look. I need to look out for making headers for my side bars and the dividers need changing there too. Slowly but surely!

It's amazing how many lovely blogs are out there and it continuously delights me every time I stumble across one. Specially when they're so inspiring and influence me to create something myself.

Do you love that feeling too? Tell me about it :D

Thursday, 13 August 2009


And here's the lime, smelling of lime. Hehe. I've put a sticky thing on it so it can go inside a car or on a window or something like that.

And realising moments ago that it looks like a sperm. It's amusing and slightly embarrassing but more so amusing. "Coming up next, knitted sperms?" Ha, well it'd definitely be head turning. Mwuahahaha.

I need to knit a normal lime now hehe. And see about buying more darker green wool. I'm really loving knitting them though, they're fast and easy and fun.

Find the pattern here. Enjoy :)

New homes

It's time to give my curly parsley a new home with the other herbs that I posted here (3rd picture down). I found a little space to add my other parsley from the pot in the kitchen and decided that it may do better with some friends and fellow parsley plants. So now he's snug and making new friends in the pot.

To replace the empty pot for the time being is the growing root ginger that was on the window sill for a while just sprouting. I'm not sure if you should plant it or not but I'll see what happens. It's not the end of the world if it dies as I never meant to grow it in the first place, it was for eating hehe. So yeah I'll see how that goes.

On another note my tomatoes! The first bunch of the plant! I'm so proud of my plant, it's MASSIVE and there's so many tomato bunches on it that still need to grow and ripen. It was only 6 inches tall when I bought it. I have yet to try them but I will, very soon I think :D

Also, my oils came today, strawberry and lime. I'll be stuffing the lime I'm making and adding the oil and oooh it will be great. Can you tell I'm ever so slightly excited? Hehe. Nearly done sorting out my room and keeping myself busyish. -nod-

Whats everyone else doing? :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Let's play a fun game today:
Grab your camera.
Take pictures of 2 things in the room you're in right now.
Put them on your blog and say why you chose those 2 items to photograph.
Then comment here with the link to your blog post so we can all see each others' photos!
(By Oh, Mishka)

My Manual Camera and stuff
Because I really love it and I managed to get the negative viewing box for £3 at a car boot sale. But yes, I love things that enable me to create and express and this is just perfect.

My bookcaseBecause it holds all my little bits and big bits and is so very useful and pretty.

Though to be honest I have lots of things in my room that I love and I couldn't decide for ages. If I could I would have taken pictures of loads of things hehe.

Which things have you taken pictures of? :3

Monday, 10 August 2009

Clean up

So I've had a slight clean up of my room today, put up my new mirror and yesterday evening tried the Lemon Knit pattern from Peachcake Knits. I enjoyed knitting it and I'm in the process of knitting a lime now hehe. I also put some lemon oil in the lemon fluff so it's also smells like a lemon! Ha. Anyway, following on this scent idea, I've ordered some lime oil and strawberry oil for those knitted objects. I'm really into (nice) smelly knitted things at the moment.

I wish I could finish my room tomorrow but I have quite a bit to do over the next couple of days so everything is going to have to stop for the moment. I really must get on with my summer school work after this week too. Though this summer has been enjoyable and relaxing to say the least. I wouldn't mind gaining a pen pal or some such too. I want something new to do, despite what I have to do.

Ah well. I leave with a part of my room that I'm really enjoying now that it's tidy and sorted.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Who doesn't love stationery? I sure do, I would buy loads of little lovely things if I could afford to and I often buy little things from my local Paperchase as it's my favourite Stationery chain.
I was looking through my updates and came across this; Win a years worth of Stationery And this; Papermash

Isn't the stuff so cute! I particularly enjoy this but my favourite out of all the things is this Lace tape
Eee. I think when I get some money next month I'll be buying something from that store. And so should you! It's too lovely not to.

I got some more wools today, in lemons and lime shade so I can make something for some friends of mine :3 We were a bit late to the farmers market but got a great selection of herbs and I got a new mirror as the old one smashed. Plus some beef for dinner which is currently cooking. So yes I shall try the pattern tonight.

Unfortunately I couldn't get any batteries for my manual camera but it's not the end of the world; I'll get some another time. :)

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