Wednesday, 2 September 2009


So I can't be bothered with doodle bob Wednesday it was just a quick solution for some sort of theme for a Wednesday. While the other two days are running I'm going to think of a better Wednesday theme. Maybe quote Wednesday or something I don't know.

Any suggestions? They'd be more than welcomed!

Went shopping today to get some final bits for school (despite this, I still haven't got everything I need) Got some new body spray too cause I'm addicted to the stuff, hehe. Though one of the bottles I've decided once getting it home I don't like it much. Only 99p though so yeah not too much of a tragic loss. I may ask a friend if they'd like it. But the other one I bought is loooovely! Smells so fresh and calming. And lasts quite a while, I'm pleased hehe.

Also bought ink cartridges, another small book for art, glue, a little wooden model reference for art because I have no idea where my other one is and have a funny feeling it may have been thrown out because it was broken. And some cheap canvases (which were £1.97, amazing eh?) I don't mind cheap canvases as I'm going to be painting on them with acrylic and no one is going to see the underneath so why do they need to cost so much? Obviously not if they're from Wilko's hehe. Love that shop :)

Anyway, school in 2 days :3 I'm kind of excited yet not? I don't know hehe but I guess I'm more excited.

How are you dealing with the run up?

(By the way if you're wonder what :3, x3 and xD and all those other little things are, they're faces. Tilt your head to the left. Explained in this MS paint drawing I did here. xD It's from my "I like cute Japanese things" phase and it's just stuck with me from it lol)

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