Monday, 7 September 2009

Oh my gosh, Terrarium!

Imae from the Terrarium group on Flickr

I am in love with this idea! And I wish I had known about it sooner!
I first heard about it on Yes and Yes and was directed to Design*Sponge where there's a mini tutorial how to create your own cheap and easy terrarium!
So I did just that hehe.

And also joined a group on Flickr and submitted my photo's hehe. I plan on making more and making them in different types of jars also.
I think I may try making one like the picture at the top. I like the idea of putting the terrarium in a large glass. But still I'm amazed and wanting to make loads of them now hehe. It's just a shame that there's hardly any moss growing near me for some reason :( Never mind.

Give it a go! You'll be delighted with your outcome hehe.

Update: I made another one in a wine glass xD


  1. Beautiful terrarium! Once you make one you are ready to plan another- they are so addicting.

    Check out my blog for tips and links to how to pages to keep your terrariums healthy and happy for a long time!


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