Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Ok so I've decided I'm not going to post about the Saatchi gallery yet as I need to research into all the artists names . I was silly enough not to write down their names as I walked along taking photo's.

Anyway, I've decided to have themed days that I've noticed a lot of blogs doing and it seems an incentive to write in my blog frequently :D So far there has been the "Brighten your week" start of a series which I hope to post every Monday to lift you up and out of the "Oh no, it's Monday" thought. There's a couple more days to come and hope they get me blogging about all sort of other stuff rather than not having anything to blog about on a day.

If you have any idea's please tell me. I'd love to hear them and also if you would like to guest blog get in touch by emailing me :)

Isn't this just a wonderful little image?

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