Saturday, 22 August 2009


There's the Anthony Gormley exhibition up there at the moment where people get to stand on that block in Trafalgar Square. We managed to see about 5 people while we wandered around the area. One woman had a white paper suit on who was painting herself and we felt so sorry for her as a really heavy bit of rain came down when she was up there, poor thing. Luckily we were inside having lunch at the time. And I got loads of pictures of general stuff to keep me going for a little while, I also managed to get some sneaky picture of some nice poses people were subconsciously doing while sitting around the place. Everyone looks so nice when they don't know they're having a photo taken of them. Anyone else find that?

But apart from the bit of rain the day was nicely sunny. Me and Hayley appreciated some truly amazing fine art in the National Gallery and the National portrait gallery. And there was also this outstanding painter sitting in front of one of the images, painting it like the fine art piece itself. I've never seen anyone in real life put that much effort into a piece, and it makes me smile. Being able to create art like that these days is becoming a lost skill as everyone is turning to make quick money from drawings a 5 year old could create. I'd love to be able to draw like that and gosh, being able to colour at least half as well as that, I'd be a happy girl. It's just a shame I couldn't take a photo because it was brilliant. The small crowd around him must have thought so too hehe.

Next we went to the Saatchi gallery but I may do a separate post on that tomorrow or later on as we could actually take pictures of the art in there and I'd like to do a section on the artists and pieces I liked most. They were so inspiring...nearly all of them, hehe. Some were just, well, pointless in my opinion :P

I highly suggest going into London before the summer is through, there's so much going on down there at the moment and the galleries are so serene and lovely. Not the mention all the little treasures you notice while walking around from location to location. :)


(Sitting near the Saatchi Gallery having some afternoon tea,
and trying my friends hat on hehe)


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  2. Ah that's so cool! We only managed to see 2 Gormely people, one just stood there and the other threw paper aeroplanes to the crowd. I freaking love London.

  3. When we got there, there was a man with a laptop and stuff, then a girl who was painting, thats when we looked around a gallery, when we got out there was some man with an umbrella, not sure what he was doing, we were too far away and we went into the national gallery, when we came out there was another man with a waste coat and all dress up and we saw him getting craned down and another guy with a guitar being put up there. He was singing andplaying up there hehe. I think there was another one but we were leaving trefalgar then. Hehe. And theres something about just being in London that makes you all excited and adventurous.

    Holly x

  4. You wear the hat so well :D


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