Friday, 28 August 2009

Friday Favourite.

Yup, I've hopped on the band waggon and caved into Friday Favourites but only because I think it's a great idea!
A first and oh such a great love of mine is:


Oh such a wonderful food stuff. I am a Marmite baby. And having it for breakfast on a bagel earlier definitely inspired me to make it one of my FF's.

Cute notepads!!

I love them and I would buy loads of them but I also get frustrated at how I can't use them all at the same time hehe. And then there's the really special notepads that I don't want to use but I have to. It goes on hehe. (By the way I really want that notepad pictured) simply amazing. And yes, I am a Hello Kitty fan and proud. Though not so much any more but if I had more money, I'd be buying so much Hello Kitty stuff it'd be unreal hehe. I'm still in awe of the Hello Kitty toaster, that's just amazing even if it wasn't Hello Kitty. Ha!

So not a very inspiring Friday favourites (Or is it? :P) but it sure made me laugh while thinking and looking for images of stuff on google and finding really strange things hehe.

Whats your Friday Favourites? ;D


  1. Thanks to this I'm now off to make toast (sadly not in a Hello Kitty toaster) just so I can slather it in marmite. And maybe a banana. It's a suprisingly tasty combination!

    Om nom nom.

  2. Marmite and banana? Lol How odd. Or do you mean eating the banana after? Cause thats ok hehe.

    For some reason I've just had a craving for marmalade. Nom.

    Holly ♥

  3. No no, with marmite + banana! Call me crazy but it works. Same with apples actually.

  4. Ew Lol how...unique <3
    I can't imagine the tastes together at all.
    It's like marmite and cucumber...bleh. I have no idea who thought of putting something as watery into a makes the bread all soggy. Though I love cucumber on it's own.

    Holly ♥

  5. Mix in a bit of cream cheese in and it's quite nice though!
    Oh dear...anyone reading these comments will think we're food-obsessed.

  6. Nothing wrong with that! Hehe. I don't mind dipping cucumber sticks into cream cheese, and some carrot. And bell pepper. It goes on ha.

    Holly ♥

  7. I have always, always wanted that Hello Kitty toaster.


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