Saturday, 15 August 2009

It has arrived!

My "Wreck this journal" has arrived! Squee! I have been waiting since Tuesday or something like that and I thought I'd have to wait all weekend but it came today! and It's made me all excited. I've started a few pages in it already and had some fun doing so hehe.
I seriously recommend it to anyone and everyone! It'll get you to project some energy and stress from your mind into the pages and think outside the box. You can buy it off Amazon or on eBay, I think there's many places you can get it to be honest.

I'd been meaning to blog about this sooner but I wanted the book to arrive first so I could take some pictures. I may do a weekly page post or something.

I've been wondering about day themes lately and if I should give them a shot? Like "Favourite Friday" or "Tasteful Tuesday"? something like that. Any blogger's out there that do anything like this already who want to give some tips? It'd be much appreciated :)

I've also looked up a few more ways to edit my blog. I've found out how to put a divider in between posts so I made an image earlier and put one in. Also found some beautiful pins from Oh, Hello Friend. Aren't they pretty? I'm slowly learning how to make my blog into how I want it to look. I need to look out for making headers for my side bars and the dividers need changing there too. Slowly but surely!

It's amazing how many lovely blogs are out there and it continuously delights me every time I stumble across one. Specially when they're so inspiring and influence me to create something myself.

Do you love that feeling too? Tell me about it :D

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