Sunday, 16 August 2009


It's nice when you start out to organise something but don't think it'll look that great in the end but then it's wonderful? Well I've just organised my notice board and now it's better. This is why I like cleaning.


I thought I might share my oh so exciting Sunday and post a little picture of a worm from my journal too, it might tickle your Fancy.

Ah I'm so boring sometimes but I just can't think what to blog about today. I'm just sorting out little bits that need sorting and waiting excitedly for one of my best friends to come home from on holiday tomorrow. She's been away for so long. I'm going to see if she'll get one of these journals too, we'd have fun trying to think of things to go in them. We're a pair to be reckoned with when it comes to art. Mwuahahah.

So yes, enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone, however much time of it you have left :).

Last update, as it's now finished hehe. Can anyone spot the reference and what it is?
This is my new favourite page now <3 hehe


  1. i love the keri hilson journal. its so fun!

  2. Oh noticeboards, what would life be without one?

    That notebook is such a good idea, where do you get them from?

  3. Cute! Is this one of those 'Wreck This Journal' journals? Looks like fun!

  4. Hammy - I had a hamster called Hammy:P Anyway I totally agree, my notice board = love. I stick anything memorable up there and of course important things.

    About the journal - Yeah this is one of the "wreck this journal"'s and you can get it on amazon. I gave a link to the journal blog and a link to amazon on a post a little further down. :D

    Holly x

  5. HAA! What a great and funny journal..

    PS: cleaning and organising makes me happy too...i'm a neat freak!

  6. It's really great when you have nothing to do. You can just doodle in it or do a page or something xP


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