Thursday, 29 October 2009


Golly, it's been a long time but I've had so much to do these past weeks it's unreal. First there's been a problem with actually allowing me to continue the courses I'm doing at school, that took up way too much time and energy for my liking just because the doctors couldn't change a few words. 4 weeks it took them to change it and not even a sorry. But as my mum said, they'll keep people waiting for so long that the person will die and they won't even be sorry.
Anyway. School work is going fine, I just hope that there is no problems.

I have a hamster called Pea, it was a present to myself for passing my driving test :D He has one black eye and one red eye. I was going to call him Jones after David Bowie but Pea seemed appropriate at the time...not so much now as he's a little fatty hehe.
Thought some bad news is one of our cats has gone missing, our one year old Pip, he's been gone for a couple of days now so we're not sure whats happened. That's two cats that have gone missing while we've been here. It's unbelievable. And the other went missing around this time of year too...It's just, upsetting. We're just hoping he comes back or someone finds him somehow. We've been searching around the fields surrounding us and everywhere possible, all we can hope now is that he might be locked in somewhere waiting to get out and not that he's hurt or worse.

Anyway! Me, Dad ad Steph went Christmas shopping in Canterbury I managed to get 12 Christmas presents while that got about 1 or 2. I was impressed and glad that I could get so much this early. We're trying to get our Christmas shopping done and out of the way earlier this year so there's no rushing and worrying and over spending on last minute rubbish. We're planning our next trip soon to somewhere else distant, it's always nice shopping in a different place hehe.
Also a rather marvelous image of my dad looking in a window, he actually quite liked the shop, I must have caught him trying to read something heh.

Hm what else, Oh! Halloween is soon and Aldi have pumpkins for 99p each so I bought three today and they're happily sitting on our porch, carved and awesome hehe. I'm quite impressed to be honest. One of them is themed with a game me and Rob play. For the horde! ;) I also roasted the pumpkin seeds and they're rather scrummy. Now all I want to do is try pumpkin recipes but I'm the only one that wants to try them so hey ho, that's all that's been happening that I can think of.

I may not be posting as regularly until Christmas perhaps and theme days may have to take a miss to be honest. I don't have as much time on my hands now I have my life back on track which is a shame but also good as well as I'm keeping myself busy.

Tell me whats been happening!


  1. Welcome back Holly!
    Your hamster is adorable, Pea is such a good name :)

  2. Thank you! And he's a little fatty now. I'll have to get a more recent picture of him, that one was taken when he was hoovering up croissant crumbs ;)

    Holly ♥


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