Saturday, 28 March 2009


So i've made some spiced plums (and 1 nectarine lol) and jared them up :D I'm quite proud to be honest. And with the end juices I made a jelly/chutney/jam thing whatever it is it tastes yummy so wasn't going to throw that out. Got a picture soon of the jars. Theres three but the small one is the left over-yummness and the big on is the spiced plums :D. Going to be doing the tomatoes next, just need some more jars. Yumm sun dried tomatoes, just hope I can do them right :D

Also I've decided I'm going to buy a big sort of plant pot and grow some veggies. Should have gone to Notcutts today really, never mind. Always tomorrow. Erm, drivings going well and it's almost Easter! Don't know if I'm excited or not, heh. Don't' care so much about sweets now as I used to when I was really little. It's just a spring holiday where we'll have some lamb and yummy roast seasonal veggies. Mmmm. Food lol. Really feel like going for a walk but there's no where to walk around here, it's just depressing because everywhere else I've lived there was somewhere interesting to walk like a wood or some such. Just kind of disappointing. Though the weather is a bit hit and miss today, first heavy rain and then sunny again. Little showers and then a bit of sun pops through once more. Good old English weather for you there. Clocks go forward tomorrow oooerr. Losing an hour but no harm in that, just means I'll learn to get up a bit earlier, which would be a good thing all round :D I think I'll get some twigs and put and Easter tree in the middle of the dining table this year.

Saturday, 14 March 2009


So it was red nose day and I watched the show for the most part, what amazes me is how we can raise about £58million and yet we're in a recession? Erm...what? How does that make sense...On year where we were apparently fine money wise we raised around £20mil. Hang on..has everyone gotten less greedy or something? Kind of goes against how the times should be at the moment. But never mind at least it goes to a good cause.

Reading through the Narnia chronicals again, every night when I go to bed (and usually stay up too late reading them >.<) Is it bad that I get through 1 of the books in 2-4 nights? By nights I mean about 2 hours once settling into bed. I don't want to read them so fast, they're too lovely for that D: Never mind. It's the weekend. Oh joy....Yeah I sound excited. I prefer having the house to myself thats why. I miss my Mister. I should really be in bed, it's 4:14am. And what time zone is this blog on because it certainly isn't mine Ah well, thats all for now. I think i'll do this rainbow thing that seems to be floating around bog space at the moment. Seems fun :). More on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


So I had my first proper driving lesson yesterday and it was great :) apparently I did really well. I hope to pass by September so I've given myself a goal to achieve. I should try and get the theory done as soon as possible. That's a bit daunting :S but I shall prevail! lol I found out one of my friends passed today too :D! So that's good as well, we're all getting along in the world. I just need a job now. Or something that brings in some money. Should probably sell some stuff on eBay again, that gave me quite a bit last time I sold stuff on eBay. Oh On the Saturday that the mister was here I mad a Beef Madras from scratch but extra hot. Well, it certainly burnt my mouth off but apparently wasn't hot enough for him lol. And I wouldn't mind I put 3 chilli's in instead of 1. No pleasing the wicked. I didn't eat it because I'm not into that sort of food, I don't believe food is enjoyable if it induces pain. Made a different Indian dish from a pot for me heh. But I'm definitely going to try making more Indian dishes, specially as it's cheaper than buying a take away. But need to work on more juice and such. Going to make some sweet things tomorrow seeing as I have some oats and bought some new golden syrup so I'll look up a nice recipe or those things perhaps :)

I have the urge to learn to play the flute...Odd eh?

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Here they are!

And here's the pancakes I made xD Less than 20 mins between making the pancake mix and on my plate with a cupper :)

(Right click and select "view image" to see it larger =])

6 Heaped spoons of flour
1 Egg
1/2 Pint of milk (or as much as you like so it's thicker or runnier as you like it.)

Whisk it all up in a bowl and let it rest for about half and hour to an hour to let the bubbles come out of it. Or you can use it straight away if you really want pancakes lol. If you have left overs pop it in the fridge and give it a stir the next time you use it, it'll be lovely :)
When it comes to cooking you need a non stick pan and 1/4 cup of oil. Put the oil in the pan to heat up till it's nearly smoking and then pour the oil back into the cup. Then ladle the pancake mix into the pan and tilt the pan round and round to make the pancake bigger. Flip it once it's not runny on the top any more and then it only take about 1 minute to do the other side and there you o you have a pancake!


So my motherboard came today for mycomputer and I fitted it but the system is still a bit quirky. >.< I'll need to format it when the mister comes down on friday. Not long now x3.  Just need to start backing up everything now so that it's quicker to put it all back on later. The hassel. Never mind, least it's fixed.
My dad managed to book my driving lesson for a day when Rob is here, not convenient at all but least i'm getting a driving lesson at last. Hopefully I'll pass this year. Should start studying the theory now I guess.
Think I might make some cakes or something tomorrow. OR! I want them.
Toodles. :)

Monday, 2 March 2009

I missed Pancake day

Well I say missed, I thought "Can I be bothered to make pancakes?" and the odds outweighed the benefits of making them so just sat back and watched tv. I should have written sooner but theres nothing remotely intereting to write about in my life at the moment.
Well, sort of.
I went to get my injection last wednesday and I din't get any of the side effects like the first one but now it's come up in a terrible lump, I think if it's here by the end of next week i'll go to the doctor about it. While I was in town I had a look in the job centre at the jobs, isn't as much as before that i'm qualified to do :S worrying but i'll manage I guess. My mister is coming down this friday to fix my computer finally, yay!
I'll finally be able to upload photo's and do all my normal things again, i've been without a my computer for over a month now and it's killed me. Oh and having my first driving lesson this week too, so thats going to come along nicely I guess :3
I made tempora and fajita's for dinner tonight. was rather yummy, though weird but starters and main, I felt in a slightly creative mood and the aubergine in the fridge needed using lol so that along with some sweet potato, carrot, mushrooms and onions (I know "onion rings" but who cares they were nice) Think I might make them again soon. Going to make a beef madras for the mister this weekend too, I don't eat it because it's too hot for me so i'll just have to see how that turns out. Or I may make it earlier and freeze it and then reheat it during the weekend. Better than ordering a take away bu we'll probably end up doing that over the course of the weekend considering guest and all lol.
Hm, should be going out job seeking again on wednesday with tony along with me because we're both jobless slobs it seems. I'm hoping the job in the shoe shop is still free. Ah well, never mind.
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