Saturday, 14 March 2009


So it was red nose day and I watched the show for the most part, what amazes me is how we can raise about £58million and yet we're in a recession? Erm...what? How does that make sense...On year where we were apparently fine money wise we raised around £20mil. Hang on..has everyone gotten less greedy or something? Kind of goes against how the times should be at the moment. But never mind at least it goes to a good cause.

Reading through the Narnia chronicals again, every night when I go to bed (and usually stay up too late reading them >.<) Is it bad that I get through 1 of the books in 2-4 nights? By nights I mean about 2 hours once settling into bed. I don't want to read them so fast, they're too lovely for that D: Never mind. It's the weekend. Oh joy....Yeah I sound excited. I prefer having the house to myself thats why. I miss my Mister. I should really be in bed, it's 4:14am. And what time zone is this blog on because it certainly isn't mine Ah well, thats all for now. I think i'll do this rainbow thing that seems to be floating around bog space at the moment. Seems fun :). More on that tomorrow.

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