Saturday, 28 March 2009


So i've made some spiced plums (and 1 nectarine lol) and jared them up :D I'm quite proud to be honest. And with the end juices I made a jelly/chutney/jam thing whatever it is it tastes yummy so wasn't going to throw that out. Got a picture soon of the jars. Theres three but the small one is the left over-yummness and the big on is the spiced plums :D. Going to be doing the tomatoes next, just need some more jars. Yumm sun dried tomatoes, just hope I can do them right :D

Also I've decided I'm going to buy a big sort of plant pot and grow some veggies. Should have gone to Notcutts today really, never mind. Always tomorrow. Erm, drivings going well and it's almost Easter! Don't know if I'm excited or not, heh. Don't' care so much about sweets now as I used to when I was really little. It's just a spring holiday where we'll have some lamb and yummy roast seasonal veggies. Mmmm. Food lol. Really feel like going for a walk but there's no where to walk around here, it's just depressing because everywhere else I've lived there was somewhere interesting to walk like a wood or some such. Just kind of disappointing. Though the weather is a bit hit and miss today, first heavy rain and then sunny again. Little showers and then a bit of sun pops through once more. Good old English weather for you there. Clocks go forward tomorrow oooerr. Losing an hour but no harm in that, just means I'll learn to get up a bit earlier, which would be a good thing all round :D I think I'll get some twigs and put and Easter tree in the middle of the dining table this year.

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