Monday, 2 March 2009

I missed Pancake day

Well I say missed, I thought "Can I be bothered to make pancakes?" and the odds outweighed the benefits of making them so just sat back and watched tv. I should have written sooner but theres nothing remotely intereting to write about in my life at the moment.
Well, sort of.
I went to get my injection last wednesday and I din't get any of the side effects like the first one but now it's come up in a terrible lump, I think if it's here by the end of next week i'll go to the doctor about it. While I was in town I had a look in the job centre at the jobs, isn't as much as before that i'm qualified to do :S worrying but i'll manage I guess. My mister is coming down this friday to fix my computer finally, yay!
I'll finally be able to upload photo's and do all my normal things again, i've been without a my computer for over a month now and it's killed me. Oh and having my first driving lesson this week too, so thats going to come along nicely I guess :3
I made tempora and fajita's for dinner tonight. was rather yummy, though weird but starters and main, I felt in a slightly creative mood and the aubergine in the fridge needed using lol so that along with some sweet potato, carrot, mushrooms and onions (I know "onion rings" but who cares they were nice) Think I might make them again soon. Going to make a beef madras for the mister this weekend too, I don't eat it because it's too hot for me so i'll just have to see how that turns out. Or I may make it earlier and freeze it and then reheat it during the weekend. Better than ordering a take away bu we'll probably end up doing that over the course of the weekend considering guest and all lol.
Hm, should be going out job seeking again on wednesday with tony along with me because we're both jobless slobs it seems. I'm hoping the job in the shoe shop is still free. Ah well, never mind.

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