Wednesday, 11 March 2009


So I had my first proper driving lesson yesterday and it was great :) apparently I did really well. I hope to pass by September so I've given myself a goal to achieve. I should try and get the theory done as soon as possible. That's a bit daunting :S but I shall prevail! lol I found out one of my friends passed today too :D! So that's good as well, we're all getting along in the world. I just need a job now. Or something that brings in some money. Should probably sell some stuff on eBay again, that gave me quite a bit last time I sold stuff on eBay. Oh On the Saturday that the mister was here I mad a Beef Madras from scratch but extra hot. Well, it certainly burnt my mouth off but apparently wasn't hot enough for him lol. And I wouldn't mind I put 3 chilli's in instead of 1. No pleasing the wicked. I didn't eat it because I'm not into that sort of food, I don't believe food is enjoyable if it induces pain. Made a different Indian dish from a pot for me heh. But I'm definitely going to try making more Indian dishes, specially as it's cheaper than buying a take away. But need to work on more juice and such. Going to make some sweet things tomorrow seeing as I have some oats and bought some new golden syrup so I'll look up a nice recipe or those things perhaps :)

I have the urge to learn to play the flute...Odd eh?

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