Monday, 10 August 2009

Clean up

So I've had a slight clean up of my room today, put up my new mirror and yesterday evening tried the Lemon Knit pattern from Peachcake Knits. I enjoyed knitting it and I'm in the process of knitting a lime now hehe. I also put some lemon oil in the lemon fluff so it's also smells like a lemon! Ha. Anyway, following on this scent idea, I've ordered some lime oil and strawberry oil for those knitted objects. I'm really into (nice) smelly knitted things at the moment.

I wish I could finish my room tomorrow but I have quite a bit to do over the next couple of days so everything is going to have to stop for the moment. I really must get on with my summer school work after this week too. Though this summer has been enjoyable and relaxing to say the least. I wouldn't mind gaining a pen pal or some such too. I want something new to do, despite what I have to do.

Ah well. I leave with a part of my room that I'm really enjoying now that it's tidy and sorted.


  1. great great lemon u made, the diea of making it smell like lemon as super as will. i would like to have one .. if u think of selling it....

  2. I'm not selling them as i'm not allowed. It's not my pattern or design. Follow the links that i've given and get in touch with the creator of the design of it and she may sell you one :D

    But thank you, im very flattered! <3

  3. That's adorable! Love that you made it smell like a lemon - what a fab idea!


  4. Thank you :D! I may just make some lemon shapes and fill them with other scents too to make a sort of drawer freshioner. Seeing as it's small enough.

    I wish I could think of cute patterns like this. It really impresses me when someone can make up a knitting pattern just like that.

    Actually, realising just now who you are (Sorry!) I'm rather impressed with your stuff! I just wish I could crochet. lol


  5. The lemon is so cute! I love the drawer freshener idea too!


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