Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hello September

These months have gone by so fast. It's amazing. And now it's September, school time "yay". New projects to be started and I am going to aim high this year. I am very excited about what I've chosen for art and Resistant materials but I'm slightly dubious about photography. And it's the first time I have been like this about photog (sigh). Never mind I'll keep on trucking and get the work done and hopefully a decent mark at the end of the year :D

I just thought I might share the dinner I made today too hehe, We had Ribs 'n' Rice with salad and some garlic mushrooms. Very yummy for a day like today where it's been slightly warmer than usual. I also have some other ribs baking in the oven slowly, hopefully they'll be all sticky and nice for a snack later or lunch tomorrow.
I also made a peach cake but I'll post about that later on when I get a picture of it hehe. It's so yummy ♥
Enjoy your Tuesday :)


  1. i am so thrilled about septemebr! cheer up, school is not that bad actually :)

    love, nath

  2. Oh don't get me wrong, I don't mind too much and I've sort of been excited about it for a ages but theres an old bit of me that is like "Oh for goodness sake just a few days more, please? Pretty please?" Hehe
    I'm excited about autumn x3

    Holly ♥


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