Monday, 13 July 2009


What a nice word, with a nice meaning. Homemade. It reassures us of care and originality, organic and comfort, of skill and practise. I love the word and I want to be able to learn the crafts of being able to make many homemade items. I learnt how to wind wool properly today and that it is an art form in itself. And also that some believe it is best that you wind some wool yourself to get a feel of it and put a certain essence into it. So my nice but few wools I have have all been wound into balls and I'm pleased. There is just one massive skein that I have to wind now.

Anyway, talking of home made I made a Strawberry and a Tiny Heart :D Though I adapted the heart pattern for double pointed needles. I'm still learning about knitting, and I'm pleased with my progress. Yes I'm probably using the wrong needles and the wrong wool and all that sort of thing but I'm
learning. And despite that things are turning out the way they're supposed to. I've also been buying needles too to suit patterns I've found and hope to tackle at some point x3 Here's a picture:

I guess I'll just build up needles and wools and everything over time, of course. I hope to learn to Crochet at some stage too, though it seems 10 times harder than knitting hehe.

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