Friday, 3 July 2009

No food

I made a curry today. After much frustrations and annoyances. Though I made it up as I went along so I think I can sort of remember it as I want to try and make it again. There was enough to freeze up and use for another meal sometime too :D I made pink rice with it. Rob approved hehe. And it was very satisfying. I was going to take a picture but we were so hungry that it was gone in moments, well not that fast but you get the idea.

We're doing a big shop tomorrow to get everything we need. Stock up on all the small yet important things and foods and stuffs. To be honest we need it, we have hardly anything in our cupboards that are easy yet tasty and I want to do some baking. I also need to stock up on some wools for knitting as i've been neglecting learning that recently, bad me.

I should really be doing school work but, but...Rob is here and....yeah i'm just being bad lol. It'll probably all be done on sunday or something knowing. Ah well heres the first page and beginning of second page.

Visual brainstorm of what I may like the study.

And then I decided on figures mainly so i'm doing a study on Da Vinci.

So yes, lots of things to be doing in the next few days.

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