Monday, 27 July 2009

Tin Cans

I wish I didn't get so tired and headachey when I have my driving lesson days but the pressure is on and it's not long till my driving test now. I wish I could be positive about it but I'm getting so anxious :<

Ah well! Anyway there's been a few nice blogs that I've read today that have lightened my mood, just the overall positiveness of them made me smile. I shall definitely do something creative and interesting tomorrow now! Heh, besides showing my plants :3 My tomatoes are starting to go yellow finally!!! You don't know how excited it makes me. Oh and the carrots I planted from seeds tasted quite nice! Very fresh and crunchy :D And I'm impressed they didn't die hehe. My orchids are slow, I'm not sure why but I guess they'll just pootle along, there's still a few buds that need to come through.

Anyway, here's a view from my window to leave you with :) I'm sure there was more I wanted to blog about today but I just don't have the energy.


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