Friday, 3 July 2009

I just can't understand it...

Why do people have to be vegans? OK, fine. You don't like animals being killed. But whats wrong with the things they produce naturally? Milk or butter isn't harming an animal. I guess you could argue eggs in a sense but they have no babies in them. The majority areunfertilised . I'm only just coming to terms of why people are vegetarians But I will never be able to tolerate vegans. It's just taking it a step too far.
I like food. I like all sorts of foods. So I would never fight against something by not eating. If I didn't agree with the way animals were being treated I would be tackling the problem more forcefully with legal action, evidence and publicity to get the place where they were being mistreated changed. So fair enough if you just don't like meat but what sort of reason is "I don't like the way they're being treated"? Buy free range, or actually go to these places where they do mistreat and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Not eating the produce will do nothing.

Please people, enjoy your food. Stop restricted yourself because of your over exaggerated views. Try new things, it's more than likely that you'd like them. Plus, despite what anyone says you DO need that balance diet to be healthy. You haven't got very long on this planet so why deprive yourself of anything. Try new things, learn new things, try and experience something new often. You'll be the richest person in the world for having life and wisdom.

On a different note those pots became to exspensive for me so no nice new plant pots for me :( Oh and I found a white moth on my white orchid so I decided to take some photo's:

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