Sunday, 26 July 2009

My goodness

Things kept popping up yesterday that I wanted to blog about but I already had 2 posts didn't need another and then what would I have to blog about today? hehe.

Anyway I was going to show my plants today but I'll leave that for tomorrow or maybe Tuesday where I haven't got anything to do. But rather today I shall focus on something I created and I haven't been arty, like self inspired or self creative in such a long time D: Art block for the fail. It was going to be a self portrait and then I couldn't do my lips or anything else for that matter it was late, so then I decided to do anything. It isn't supposed to be "right" or anything but it was just letting my creative juices flow and see what came out the other side, and this is what happened:

And I'm definitely going to do more of it, I need to practise and get back into the habit of drawing because I want to, not because I have to or for anyone. This'll probably make my mindset better too. I have so much I want to create and portray but I just can't seem to let it out, it's about ready to burst but has no start point to leek from. I guess the first step is copying and I have tons of photo-face-references and some body structures of my own that I took a while back to help with a photography project so I'll be using them I guess. I need to get into my head that copying isn't always bad, (unless it's like blatantly the same as someone elses work and you're passing it off as your own, that's just wrong) So yes, knowing though I'll probably end up making another post soonish if I remember everything from yesterday. Hehe.

I wish the sun was shining but it's been an ok day nether the less :)

Edit: Thought I might add this one that I've just done while on this sort of topic :3 Enjoy
(You know, I may actually contemplate making an art blog out of my old URL or Though there is my DA.)


  1. I love your art! Mastering the skill of capturing the human face on canvass/paper is no small task and you are brilliant at it!

    I love the colors you've chosen as well. I knew that the first one was a self portrait before I even read your commentary - and just from your tiny profile picture! It is very good! (The splashes of color are a very nice touch!)

  2. Oooh thank you! <3 I never expect anyone to coment my stuff apart from one of my friends xD

    This is a nice surprise!! *Glee* Thank you very much! :D


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