Saturday, 25 July 2009

Blogging public style

I'm in the library in town waiting for my glasses to be done at the moment. Should be done in about an hour or so. Went to the car boot sale today as well and picked up some good finds, a nice little tin for 10p and some plate sets for myself. Rather nice. ALSO! OH! A really great coat that was £5 which is usually like £200! Whoa O____O And I didn't buy it cause of that oh no it's cause it was nice and I wanted one a couple of years back but it was too expensive for me. I also got a top and a nice knitted coat thingy all of this amounted to £8 total...amazing eh? I think I'll frequent the humble car boot sale more often.

Anyway, I'll get a picture of my new glasses later this evening they're really nice, deep purple/maroon with light turquoise inner frame and a nice design on the sides. Wheeee, great day today it has been, woot.

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