Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bring it on!

It's raining! Properly! At last!!!! And thundering, and lightening, it's so exciting :D! My poor plants can finally have a decent drink and the heat won't be back for a while, not until august anyway they say. (Though it may be wrong, meh) I need to get some plant feed for my tomato plant, it's going a bit...strange. The bottom leaves are going yellow and theres more and more tomatoes coming up on it so I think I should probably get the feed now to help feed all the plants babies (Which will be picked and eaten in a few weeks, mwuahaha)

I'm making another quiche at the moment, it's currently in the oven :3 Asparagus, onion and mushroom, we'll see how that combination comes out. Oh and finally got some red and green wool from school for the strawberries x3 I'll get set on trying to make them once my needles come in the post which will hopefully be SOON! (I was hoping today but never mind, maybe tomorrow :D)

School is...boring, der. Art i'm enjoying thoroughly though, maybe because I have a new teacher, I think thats more the case to be honest. It's all free and clean and they odn't know me and I can chat to them and YEAH! lol. I'm also sorting out our 6th form area and getting things done that should have been done before I even went into 6th form. Like a microwave for instance...I asked for one to be put in about 2 years+ ago and they still haven't so i'm trying to raise money for one, it's only £30 not a lot for something so useful. And me and a couple of friends are starting the kitchen box project. We're having a little box for us with some tea, sugar, coffe and hot cocholate in it so we can feel more comfortable at school. There other ideas which I have too but yup thats the jist of it.

I made this little phone thingy for Hayley too x3 I actually like it more than the one I made for myself so I'll be making another for me soon, all snazzy like this one. And thats basically all for the moment. Just hope the quiche comes out nice :)

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