Saturday, 30 October 2010


So, this is the lamest second installation of the pumpkin trio, ever. That carving is horrid Lol and I was determined to have three awesome pumpkins this year. Never mind. I guess that's what's happens when you want to try and carve a pumpkin at nearly 12 at night with no inspiration other than fangs...
Hehe looks like that one is dribbling because the camera slipped off the rock :P

My Friday was ok apart from one major thing. At the end of the big draw day, they'd all packed up early and they'd taken my college book with them. All my work from the past 5 weeks was in there :S Anyway I have found out who has it now, but I have no idea where to find that person. And I can't do much work because of it -.-
Other than that, the big draw! Well, that was pretty funny, we were sellotape sculpting this male mannequins legs, and once it was done, fixing the legs back together again was a right handling but very funny, involving legs for arms and kicks in the head. Heee. Ah well.
That was followed by a nice cheap-ish lunch in pizza hut with Emily and Georgia. It was after this that we went back to help out in the last half hour of the big draw for my college, that we found that they'd left without us, with expressions of "Err......... ....." on our faces.

Meh, following from that I gave Georgia a lift part way home with some amusing banter in the car. So yeah it was a strange day, and I feel like it's been Sunday today. Merr murr. I'll leave you with a picture of Bagera (Not a very good one mind, but he was lurking about out the front while I was taking photo's of the pumpkin) because he's black and it's almost Halloween :)

Toodles ;)

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