Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pastelly Woo

I love pastel colours. I'm finding this out more and more as time passes. I'm beginning to appreciate plants, time, love, life.
We've had a lot of snow lately and it's stopping me doing what I need to do, school is a no go still. I'm also getting a little lost as this time is flying by, we're already in 2010, it's amazing and scary at the same time. There's a couple of decisions that if I don't make them soon I may lose out for another year, but then there's another path that I could take instead and I'm a little confused....and again scared.
As much as I love this weather, I long for lazy sunny days or the smell of spring mornings, the buzz of insects on a really hot day. Everything about growth and new life, but we'll be getting it soon, only a couple of months to go.

I miss daisies.

Well...all flowers, I'm going to make a book of pressed flowers this year for sure. I pressed a few last year and came across them (having forgotten I'd put them in the books) with delight. I have the pressed lavender on my cork board.

Ah well :)


  1. 2010 has suddenly appeared, and I feel like it hasn't quite sunk in yet.

    I think the snow has lost its novelty and charm now 8<
    What I would do for some warmth, some fun in the sun.

    Also..the school website says details about Monday. It looks like we'll be back to normal already, since I don't think there'll be enough snow to stop us going in again..

  2. Yeah, I saw thw website yesterday. Made me go "booo" xD

    But still, back to normal <3 I can finally give you your present >.<


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