Wednesday, 29 December 2010

No other time

There is no other time when one gets most creative with outfits than when you have a massive pile of washing to do.  We try and make items of clothing work which we wouldn't usually put together in our "favourites" piles of clothes that we usually fancy wearing at that stage of time.
This truly fascinates me how I can manage to come up with some strange but kind of quirky outfits when I have (apparently) no clothes to wear. I have a fairly limited wardrobe as it is, being quite large and not being able to afford the clothing in the shops that actually make decent clothing for me (decent being that it won't fall apart after 2 washes and plus size)
Ah well. I just thought I'd share this. eBay is a fabulous place for clothing if you're a different sized body shape than the "norm". Thrifting can be interesting, it's rare to find anything but when you do it's a real gem of a plus size piece! Sales are fantastic for people who will pick up that garment that no one else like because it's not following the current fashion stream.
So yes, just to end, here are a pair of cherubs my boyfriend got me for Christmas; I love them :)

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