Sunday, 28 November 2010


I like old fashion hairstyles...
They are so much more interesting than the hair styles of today, the majority of people either want poker straight hair if they have curly hair or weird curls/"waves" that usually drop out because they lack the curly gene (har har fail for them).

My only regret is that I don't experiment with my hair as such as I used to, as some people have truly fantastic styles and all the time and money they put into it is certainly worth it. PLEASE, give me the will to do something interesting again! :P

Either way, curly hair trumps straight all the way because it's so much more diverse.
And back in the 1940's you could look like this ♥♥ I'm sporting this style at the moment with a passion.

Well a little bit like it but mmm I like those styles ♥

Me :P

Ah well ;D

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