Sunday, 20 March 2011


Daffodil from a few years ago ♥

Happy Spring Equinox Everyone!

Things that I'm thinking about lately and making me happy:

Pub Quizzes


All of the flowers that are finally waking up and showing their heads - Hello flowers!

Trying to think of a theme for my final major project - worried :S

Enjoying the weekeneds to the full

Making a list of which flowers we should get for when we sort out the garden

Reading with my other half in bed before we go to sleep

What are you loving on lately? ♥


  1. Holly you haven't blogged for ages, what's happened?!

  2. Anonymous? Who're you? :)

    Life has been getting in the way in one way or another. I planned to start again this month. I guess I just needed a timeout?
    I have a few exciting thing to blog about now that things have settled. :D
    Don't worry, I have not abandoned the blog.


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