Thursday, 7 April 2011


I lost sight of my blog for a while.I don't know why. Perhaps there were other more important things happening? In some cases yes, in others, no.

I could have blogged...but I shant go on.
Flyer for the exhibition

SO! I had assessment, it went well enough, I passed and they liked my work. I didn't realise how much until last week when I got an email saying my final piece was going to be in the Your future exhibition! I mean wow...I can't even express how I feel about it other than a big ol' ball of OH MY GOSH. Hehe.
So preparations have gone along, writing an artist statement for the show, making sure my final piece is top notch, watching it being framed by our artists in residence. It looked amazing once they'd finished. I was so impressed. It's well worth the £25 for framing.
Whats more, at the show our work is availiable for auction in the dutch auction system. (I'm told this is where they write what they'll pay on a piece of paper and then put it in a box) Exciting no?

-Spazz out-

-Cough- excuse me....Anyway hehe I kind of want to sell it and kind of don't. It'd be nice to have a piece of my work up on the wall in our house. But alas, I really could do with the money and as I've been advised to price it at £120 minimum I can't really let that slide by. So, thats my reasons for wanting to get a really good photograph of it.
Our building site back garden and next doors.
We need to build the fence still.
It's spring but it feels like summer, and what am I doing? sitting indoors on the pc of course. But, I have the most amazing view of this tree with masses of blossom on it. It's really lovely to just look out the window and see all of this green and white and flowers!

BLOSSOM ♥ Love it

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