Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My gosh...

Well I did want to start this post with "PANCAKE DAY" but...something far more strange has happened...

I've had two...TWO really bad nosebleeds today. I know right? Most people only get them like once every million years or something but twice. My mum said that if it happens again I'll have to go to the doctor, these weren't the normal 2 minutes bleeds either, the first one went on for about half an hour before it managed to stop and the second one went on for 20 minutes. A whole new epic level of bleeding man...
So yes, that was a bit distressing and I'm quite light headed and headachey now.

So after that excitement -


- Yes, it is the nom day of all nom. I made the pancake batter last night as it tastes a whole lot better when it's left to sit for a while and my nan recipe which has been passed down to me is still the most amazing tasting pancakes I've ever had ♥
So yummy.

Are you having pancakes right now? As we speak? In this precise moment?!
Tell me how scrummy they are! :D

(Can you tell I'm not really myself today? lol)

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