Saturday, 5 March 2011


Gosh, I'm loving her at the moment!
Plus she can act, the movies she's in are wonderful and just yay :3

Fierce!! But then there's the original...♥ ♥

Oh my...but this, om nom! I guess this is the reason why I like the JLo song. I had this little toy that you'd create a motion with and this round thing would spin along two metal tracks and play a tune, the tune was this Lambada song. I was obsessed with it. It used to make me think of an exotic dragon story ( have no idea why, that's the workings of a child's brain I guess?) But from that it's fascinated me ever since. It's only recently that's it's resurfaced in "On the Floor".
Well thank you JLo for bringing out this awesome anthem! ♥

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