Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Something I'm selling on eBay

Hm, well the past week has been a bit odd. It feels like it is was a hell of a lot longer than it has been...I uess it's been a good timeout though as I haven't really paid much attention to the internet world as we know it.

I :

Made some cake

Sent off packages of eBay things

Been to college and began a new project

Went to work

Wasn't very impressed with the post office ladies attitude

Enjoyed the spring smell

Was really ill for a while

Seemed to have gotten everything dumped on me in one go, but it's slowly ebbing away now, thank goodness.

Went to a quiz night

So yes. Also, I really want to re-write my 21 things. Am I allowed to do that? Who knows.


  1. definitely. the list serves you, not the other way around. mutilate at will!

  2. That's a relief, as theres a few more interesting things (well in my opinion) and better things that I'd like to put on it, and some not so self involved, and some that I'd have liked to have put on there but didn't have enough space. I'm wondering if I should just make it into a list of things to achieve by my 21st rather than a limit.
    Too many thinkings! Hehe


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