Monday, 10 January 2011


Angry bread is angry

So we've finally got the extension just about finished, the carpet (which is totally the wrong colour but we can't afford to change it now) is down, some furniture is in there, all we have to do is start cleaning up everywhere properly and fixing and finishing other little bits like skirting and floor tiling in the kitchen/utility room.
We've come a long way since June and it's pretty impressive with what you can do to a house in that amount of time.
I'm finding this 365 blogging hard already, aren't I a fail? :( Most days I forget to write down what I mean to say on my blog, because I usually get an idea during times when I can't write about them. I'm going to have to start using a notebook or something. I thought that blogging every day would be a good thing and help me get more motivated, but when my time slowly caters for my college work and such, I tend to not think about the other things in life (other than going to work as that is a must hehe).
So, how can I battle this? How do I get home and begin to write about great, inspirational things like I so want to? I have no direction with this blog yet and it's partially frustrating but I just haven't the time to think about a direction with college themes to trying and think about and with an Art & Design course, it's 24/7. The work doesn't end after a quick homework task.

So yes, whine whine, whinge whinge, I'm sorry hehe. It's actually helped a little to write about this, it made me realise I should have a notebook specially and only for blog stuff and that I should probably make time for this blog, more so than I am at the moment if I want to succeed at this 365 challenge thingy.

How do you tackle blogging? ♥


  1. I find reading other peoples blogs daily and seeing what they write about. Also on a day when you have lots to say, split them in to lots of small posts and then schedule them for certain days, that allows you to concentrate on other stuff and not worry about your blog.

  2. Ah very true, thank you. And I do read a few daily, but then I worry that I might copy them in some of the stuff they say, but usually the blog has made me want to look into the subject further.
    I think I'll need to start scheduling the posts option. I only learnt how to do that the other day hehe.

  3. don't worry about direction -- sometimes you find it by sort of...groping around, theme-wise. just write about what you want to and worry about theme later. and yes, readily accessible paper is a must. for anyone who writes anything! hah. i've learned the hard way that if i don't write down the piece of inspiration that comes to me as i'm falling asleep...i'm not gonna get it back.

  4. Good idea! I'm just trying to find the right notepad. I'm quite (and weirdly) particular about the right type of notepad for what I'm doing. I feel like a little blank paged notebook with no lines or anything and about A5 size is just right. It's just finding the time to go and get it hehe. Still, I think I'll try and get one on monday in town as I'll have some money then. :)

    Blogging every day really is getting me into the swing of things though :D


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